Great Heights Brewing Company

Technically just outside the Loop – Garden Oaks/Oak Forest (GOOF)

938 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX 77018

Opened: August 2017 

Known For: NOT being called Greater Heights, chill atmosphere, the most reasonable prices on a 4-pack in town (especially considering everything they brew is killer).

Beer to Try: Fruity Pellets NEIPA, Denali American IPA, Lager-ish Kölsch, Blue Tile IPA, Bourbon Legend Strong, Citramendous Imperial IPA.


Great Heights Brewing Company opened summer of 2017 (it was hot!) — right in the middle of Hurricane Harvey (it was rainy!). Eventually, the waters receded, but apparently the heat is here to stay. They continue to brew hand-crafted beer for Houstonians. Their recipes are constantly being tweaked modified and adjusted until they are just right. They focus on brewing cleanly-fermented ales that are fault-free true-to-style.


🤓 Hype Beers Available

✔️ Big Selection

👍 True-to-Style Beers Available

🍷 Cider/NA Beers Available

🍻 Beer to Go

❄️ AC

🌮 Rotating Food Trucks

🥁 Live Music

💎 2019: Bourbon Legend (Wood & Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)


Beer Chronicle Team
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