No Label Brewing Philanthropy for Maui Sends Over $4k to the Island


No Label Brewing Philanthropy for Maui Sends Over $4k to the Island

No Label Brewing, a beloved establishment in Katy, Texas, recently showcased the power of community and compassion in response to the catastrophic Maui wildfires. With a successful fundraiser that amassed over $4,000, this brewery demonstrated its commitment to philanthropy.




On Wednesday, August 23rd, No Label Brewing, a beloved cornerstone of Katy, Texas, rallied the community in an exceptional display of solidarity to aid the victims of the Maui wildfires. This heartfelt endeavor culminated in a remarkable fundraising effort that garnered an impressive $4,017, all of which was directed towards supporting The Legacy Of Aloha Foundation.

Amidst the harmonious tunes spun by the immensely talented DJ SEEK, the atmosphere was charged with a sense of togetherness and shared purpose. To further broaden the reach of their benevolent mission, event attendees were given the opportunity to acquire special Limited Edition Maui Merchandise, with the proceeds, an entire 100%, being funneled directly to Maui Wildfire Relief. The culinary delights of the evening were elevated by the delectable offerings from TX BIRRIA BOYZ, satisfying both palates and philanthropic aspirations.

The highlight of this gathering was the unveiling of “Aloha Hefe,” a unique creation by No Label Brewing that put an imaginative twist on their renowned El Hefe. Infused with the tropical essence of Pina Colada, every cent from the sales of this exclusive brew was pledged to bolster the efforts of Maui Wildfire Relief.

In addition to this, a generous 25% of all beer-to-go sales were allocated to further support this noble cause.

No Label Brewing Co. extends its deepest gratitude to Cask Branding for their prompt and wholehearted support in catalyzing this philanthropic initiative. For those who couldn’t attend the event but are eager to make a meaningful contribution, direct donations can be made to the Legacy of Aloha Foundation.

While No label’s initial donation has been made, there’s still an opportunity for your generosity to be received.

For those who wish to have a direct impact, donations can be made at Legacy of Aloha. Your support makes a significant difference in helping communities recover from such devastating events.



Maui has a special place in my heart and that of my family, and it’s awesome to see No Label spring into action without hesitation to help people so far away. Above is our 2021 Christmas card picture taken at the end of a scenic hike in Maui. I hope to go back and visit again, and I hope that the people of the island are supported well and recover with resilence.

Beers to you, Houston.

Anthony Gorrity

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