Platypus Brewing

Inside the Loop – Washington Ave.

1902 Washington Ave Suite E, Houston, TX 77007

Opened: September 31st, 2016 

Known For: Unmistakable Australian influence, a great spot to watch Rugby games, helping several other breweries navigate the road to opening up

Beer to Try: The Ranga Red Ale, Freckled Dingo Pale Ale, Bobby Dazzler Blonde Ale


Platypus emerged after years of home brewing and moving back and forth from Houston to Australia. 

Their brewery philosophy: Quality – handcrafted beer brewed fresh with natural ingredients; Creativity – combining unique hops and flavors to showcase different styles & Passion –  loving great beer and sharing that enjoyment! Their cheeky Australian approach is a welcomed slice of the other side of the world.


🤓 Hype Beers Available

👍 True-to-Style Beers Available

🍻 Beer to Go

❄️ AC

🌮 Kitchen Onsite


Beer Chronicle Team
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