Equal Parts Brewing

Inside the Loop – EADO

3118 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, TX 77003

Opened: October 2016 

Known For: Rebranding from Sigma to Equal Parts without changing recipes or team, epic 1 liter stein pours in the taproom and recently acquiring Brash Brewing

Beer to Try: Gorlami Italian Pilsner, Murry Chrimmus Imperial Porter, Intermezzo Sour, Löggerbier Pilsner


Equal Parts brews beers that highlight the tension between process and creativity. They are a group of tight-knit, hyper-critical people that will never settle for good enough. Their rebrand came on the heals of the realization that Sigma was Nick and Matt’s brainchild from their homebrew days. However, the community and their team were just as important, if not more, so they took a step back to revisit what parts made up the brewery. The end result was equal.


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