Spindletap Brewery

Houston, TX

10622 Hirsch Rd, Houston, TX 77016

Opened: November 2015 

Known For: Having an oil & gas motif, winning Houston’s Most Valuable Brewery voting for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, and huge Harvey recovery efforts including a collab with Parish Brewing

Beer to Try: Boomtown BlondeHouston Haze, Honeyhole ESBHop Gusher IPAHops Drop IPAAceite Crudo RIS, Honey Hole, and any of their Imperial IPAs.


Combining the (2) brewmaster’s love of art and science to make delicious, painstaking-attention-to-detail beer, SpindleTap has grown really quickly in their first year. They’ve experienced a “boom” of their own, you could say. 

Co-Founders Brody Chapman, David Miller, Shaun Ebersole, Cameron Banks and Adam Wright worked together for a logistics company. Initially their intentions for the brewery were small. They wanted to create a tiny, humble, yet fun place to bring customers to entertain them. Golf course? Old news. Fishing trips? Done that. How about a brewery!? Hell. Yes. 

But like all good things, when combined with passion and a couple of dudes with a “get the job done” attitude, the humble goals of SpindleTap Brewery grew into big, lofty ones that had them reconsidering everything.


🤓 Hype Beers Available

✔️ Big Selection

👍 True-to-Style Beers Available

🍷 Wine/Seltzer/Sake Cocktails Available

🍻 Beer to Go

❄️ AC

🌮 Food Trucks

🥁 Live Music

💎 2019: Honey Hole (Honey Beer)

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