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Twisted X Brewing Flyer Design Overview

In the summer of 2018, there was a fire in Dripping Springs that burned down the workshop of Iron Grove Tool Company, a friend of Twisted X Brewing. In order to help rebuild Iron Grove, Twisted X hosted a big ol party with beer, bbq, live music, and a few other local makers. We found out that the owner of Iron Grove actually went to high school with Anthony, so we offered to help however we could.



“Can you make us a flyer?” Yes, yes we can. A digital flyer needed to be illustrated and designed for social media, but it also needed to be print friendly.



After gathering some photos of the devastation, two versions of the flyer were illustrated. You can see the original photo above. We talked briefly with Daniel of Iron Grove and suggested we should collab on some unique bottle openers or something, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet.




Twisted X Brewing Flyer Design Credits

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Project Management: Anthony Gorrity



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