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Ingenious Video Game Beer Label Design Overview

All the way back in the Spring of 2019, Ingenious was the first brewery to give us a real shot. Their Spring Training label came out, looked off, and we asked if they wanted some help. The rest is history. Since then, we’ve designed their website, their highly sought after Froyo series and Halloween Cereal beers, and their Mutagen beers that sold out in 2 minutes flat. When they asked for some video game beer label design, there was no hesitation.



Create a series of video game beer labels that pay homage to our childhood favorites while taking some creative liberties to keep them out of hot water with lawyers.



NES cartridges were the inspiration for the layout of these labels, and their respective titles all of course inspired the main artwork. It’s a tough line to balance paying homage to something you love and not ripping it off completely. How can we incorporate beer? Hops? Other ingredients? How can we stylize or redraw it to make it a little different? It’s always a challenge, and these were no different.


Ingenious has always printed on Silver BOPP labels which allow for an extra layer of creativity. They were one of the many breweries that printed their labels on this shiny, silvery material to make them have a bit more luster on the shelf, but they didn’t take advantage of it fully. Once given the opportunity to design their labels, we started taking advantage of this substrate from day one to create highlights within the artwork using the foil beneath. We also had them add a matte laminate to add an extra layer of tactility and luxury to their boutique beer.


Working with Anthony [and Beer Chronicle] on our label designs has been smooth and effortless. His attention to detail is unparalleled. 

– James Carlyle, Head Brewer



Ingenious Video Game Beer Label Design Credits

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Project Management: Anthony Gorrity



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