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Crispy Boy Club Beer Shirt Design Overview

Our friend Marcus West, better known as one of the faces at True Anomaly, asked for some help with a beer shirt design, we were all ears.



Marc wanted something retro, clean, minimal, and reflective of the good ol’ days. Something our grandparents might appreciate… He had a really solid vision of what he wanted, and he punted the execution to us.



Lucky for Marc, he hit us up right before a trip, and Anthony almost exclusively uses his inflight time for drawing whether it’s for a project or just for fun. iPad, Apple Pencil, and some good headphones in hand, the drawing commenced at about 35,000 feet. Inspired by the solid art direction and a bit of additional research, this is what emerged. Retro, smooth, colorful yet subdued, warm and welcoming… Crispy Boys Club was born.



Crispy Boy Club Beer Shirt Design Credits

Art Direction: Marc West, Brew Bros HTX and True Anomaly
Graphic Design, Project Management: Anthony Gorrity



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