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BAKFISH Crowler Design Overview

2020 was a bad year for taproom sales, but it was a great year for to-go sales. That’s why BAKFISH wanted to up their label game for their crowlers.



BAKFISH wanted their new crowler design to be sleek and modern yet not outpace their existing artwork. BAKFISH has a solid visual identity, and their labels and branding have remained consistent over the years, so they didn’t want to rock the boat too much.



Create a crowler label that visually mirrors their existing labels, but add a touch of modernity with typography and patterns. A tessellation of fish, inspired by M.C. Escher and another of Texas flank the main artwork. These super geometric patterns pay homage to their existing identity meanwhile adding a freshness to the look. To the discerning eye, it’s clear that the crowler artwork is a little different than the other labels, but it’s not too far away.



BAKFISH Crowler Design Credits

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Project Management: Anthony Gorrity



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