Whole Foods Market Brewing Company Steady Sippin by Chris



Steady Sippin

Whole Foods Market Brewing (sorely outdated site)

Post Oak RD


ABV: 4.4%



Packaging: Draft, 32 oz Crowler, Growler



My first visit to Whole Foods Market Brewing Company isn’t one I will soon forget. I managed to squeeze everything I could out of my first Fathers Day as a dad! I went to work like normal so it wasn’t like I had all day, then I talked my wife into going to Under the Radar with me then we ended the night at Whole Foods Market Brewing Company. My wife wasn’t thrilled to squeeze in two breweries in about two hours, but its fathers day…ya gotta do it right! I was lucky enough to kill the keg of Scattered storms with a half pour so I ended up drinking Steady Sippin, which is a great alternative!

Steady Sippin features a light orangeish yellowish color with a slight white head and even slighter lacing as you’re chasing the beer down the glass.

I smell a huge hop aroma with a side of citrus. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this were a huge NEIPA. I’m reminded of a muscle car with all the show and none of the go…expect Steady Sippin, while only being a 4.4% ABV, packs a powerful punch flavor wise. After the first sip you realize that it’s not the heavyweight you thought you had smelt, but featherweights can knock you out also!

Steady Sippin has a clean and crisp mouthfeel with a slight hop bitterness that lingers around until the next sip.

If you dug what B52 did with “Wheez the juice” or really most of the NEIPA options around town, You’ll most likely enjoy Whole Foods Market Brewing Company and their NEIPA offerings!

I gave Steady Sippin a 4 star review because I have never had a beer like this. Weighting in at only 4.4% ABV you can crush this beer allllll summer (11 months in houston) long without hating yourself.


Unfortunately right now, you can basically only get this beer at the Post Oak location. Hopefully we can start to get these bad boys dropped via drone in the future, but for now, we gotta get down to the brewery the old fashioned way. By the way, if your curious about what the Amazon/Whole Foods Market buyout means to the brewery, we have that article right here!

Steady Sippin has a chance to be this summers go to NEIPA. If you havn’t made your way to the Whole Foods Market Brewing Company on Post Oak, go now! They offer plenty of local options and about 8-10 of their own! Beers to you, Houston. 🍻


Chris loves Beer, Whiskey, Cigars, Music, Sports and Houston! He's worked in the oil industry since 2011. He's an Army veteran and most importantly a husband and father. His favorite beers are hop-forward and unique.

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