Whole Foods Brewing Brighter Days



Whole Foods Brewing Brighter Days

Whole Foods Market Brewing (sorely outdated site)

Post Oak/Galleria


ABV: 9.0


Packaging: Draft, 32 oz Crowler, Growler

Back to normal.  That is what so many Texans are striving to achieve right now.  The effects from Hurricane Harvey will be felt for years. EVERYONE was affected or knows someone who was.  While the road to recovery will be a long difficult one, sometimes a simple name can lift your spirits in times like these.

When I walked into the Whole Foods Maket Brewing Company Post Oak location (the hazy IPA mecca of Houston) this week, the name of their new Double NEIPA made me smile. Whole Foods Brewing Brighter Days, everyone could use a pallet of those right now.  Texas is definitely not shorthanded on recovery help.  The Houston Strong spirit is inspiring.  Whether it’s local and neighboring state breweries collaborating, us trying to raise a few dollars to give back, or J.J. Watt’s heroic efforts, the help is coming from everywhere.  Not only did the beer name buoy my spirits, the beer itself is awesome!

Whole Foods Brewing Brighter Days pours a beautiful golden hazy yellow color that all hazers crave.  The pour alone lets you know it’s a damn good beer. The head sits at the perfect level to add aroma and flavor, and the lacing runs smoothly down the glass as you enjoy each sip. The aroma exudes the sweet smell of mosaic hops, while simcoe stands up just a tad.

Not only does Whole Foods Brewing Brighter Days pour and smell amazing, the taste is incredible.  Simply put, this is the new beer everyone is talking about at Houston’s haze center.

The sweet yet grassy Mosiac flavor comes through big time.  Simcoe is down to play with your taste buds as well, as it perfectly balances the mosiac sweetness and adds a nice citrus finish.  There is no bitterness at all from the first sip to the last.  In fact, the beer board has nothing listed next to IBU.  This is a truly enjoyable experience from beginning to end for hazy IPA fans, and drinks nothing like a Double NEIPA that is 9.0 %.

I sat down with head brewer, Dave Ohmer as well as assistant brewer, James Carlyle yesterday as we enjoyed Whole Foods Brewing Brighter Days (and a few other beers).

During our conversation Dave revealed an interesting back story about the brewing of the beer.  The brewing process took place on Thursday before Hurricane Harvey.  Because of the storm, the conditioning in the fermenter was extended an extra week with the dry hopping.  Dave and James, like so many other Houstonians were lending a helping hand to others in need while the city recovered.  Dave also informed me that it’s wet hop season and the DL  Double Wet Hop version will be brewed soon!  The DL Double was my gateway beer from Whole Foods and the wet hop version is insanely delicious.

As local comparisons go, it reminds me slightly of Lone Pint Yellow Rose, but in a completely different style.  The mosaic aroma and taste is what rewinds my taste buds back to my first Yellow Rose. However the hazy style, no bitterness, and simcoe flavor make this beer one of a kind.

Brighter Days is only available at the Whole Foods Post Oak location.  If you haven’t been to this location, and you enjoy good beer and people, make a trip you won’t be sorry.  They make other solid beers not just hazy IPAs, and everyone who works in the bar area is awesome.  The post oak location will fill growlers and sells crowlers to go.  Try and buy just one I dare you.

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Whole Foods Brewing Brighter Days

Brighter Days definitely earned high marks for me on color, aroma, and taste. This is without a doubt a five star beer in my opinion. I asked Dave directly if there was plenty of the beer to go around and he assured me yes. If you haven’t been to the Post Oak location or it has been awhile, do not sleep and go enjoy some Brighter Days. Have you enjoyed Brighter Days? If so or you do soon we would love your feedback!

Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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