Triquetrilization B52 SpindleTap Baa Baa Collab



Triquetrilization B52 SpindleTap Baa Baa Collab

B52 Brewing Company

Houston, TX
ABV: 8%
IBUs: ?
Packaging: Draft, 4 pack 16 ounce cans, delivered by Hop Drop


Houston’s haze gawds have finally all come together, and the end result is as beautiful as you’d expect. But before we dig straight into the beer, let’s look at some of the history.

We’re not real big on pumping ourselves up. We don’t put our logo or name all over our merch, and when we do it’s super subtle. We don’t take credit for half of the stuff we’ve had a hand in as it relates to Houston beer, and honestly, we like it that way. It’s about the beer. It’s about the folks that make it. Not us.

But for just one second we’d like to toot our own horn. Baa Baa Brewhouse was the first brewery we interviewed almost 3 years ago, and we knew they were special. SpindleTap came a little later, but we were betting on them too. And before B52 went wild with the creativity, we chose them as the Most Valuable Brewery (while SpindleTap won the people’s champ vote 2 years in a row).

All that to say, we’ve been betting on the right horses brewers, and we seem to be on to something here. It’s probably just luck though. Whatever. We’re just dorks.

But these guys! THEEEESE GUYS! SHEESH!

Justin of B52, Garrison of SpindleTap and Marcus of Baa Baa and their respective teams, have been pushing the envelope with hazy IPAs, and they’ve done well enough to gain national recognition. The trade value for beer brewed by these guys keeps climbing and climbing, and Triquetrilization may just be the summit.

Maybe not. We’re betting on them, not against them.

Baa Baa was the first in Houston to boldly brew an NEIPA with Cow Jumped Over the Moon. While it was a bit aggressively bitter for the style, it hit all the rest of the points. It’s probably better than many that have come after it even years later. Hard hitters like Meenie, In a Galaxy Far Far Away, and PS I Love Ewe have continued luring beer nerds from all around the state and raising the banner that is Baa Baa.

SpindleTap was the first in Houston to completely nail the style release after release. Houston Haze kicked it off. 22 Hazy IPAs later, and while some where better than others depending on who you ask, every single one has served to further concrete their position as one of Houston’s favorite breweries for the style.

Then there’s B52. Where do we even start with these guys? We started this site 7/13 2015. On 7/13 2016, we wanted to celebrate our birthday by celebrating others. The focus of the celebration would be Houston breweries that made the most waves for the city, hence the Most Valuable Brewery voting mentioned above. We chose B52 as the MVB for 2016-2017 because, “Over the past year, B52 has gone from a few core beers in approachable styles to a brewery that has no problem experimenting with barrels and adjuncts. Their core beers are still recognizable, but they’re making a name for themselves for all the fun they’ve been brewing lately.”

The craziest thing about all three of them continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity, specifically with hazy IPAs, is that this Triquetrilization B52 SpindleTap Baa Baa Collab has all three of their signatures on each sip. Garrison affectionately called it Tri-quee-quee as we each sipped on a pint at B52. He explained to me that the three of them came up with the idea, but B52 rockstar Meagan is the one that actually did all the heavy lifting. Tri-quee-quee is the collab that every other collab wants to be when it grows up.

The can artwork for Triquetrilization doesn’t necessarily scream B52, Baa Baa, nor Spindletap, but that’s the only part of this beer that doesn’t. It’s black with a blue and purple, holographic, infinite three-way loop that looks like an Escher drawing on acid. The can art doesn’t matter much though, because unless you know somebody who’s got some, it’s all gone. Forever. Lucky for you, this won’t be their last collab.

The Triquetrilization B52 SpindleTap Baa Baa Collab pours as opaque as you’d expect from SpindleTap and Baa Baa. The color is a bright yellow-orange, that screams juice. The head looks like this is a lab-perfected recipe with perfectly uniform, tiny little chalk-white bubbles. They hang around like a monkey in a tree.

So far we’ve got Baa Baa and SpindleTap’s signature appearance, but the smell is where it gets interesting. There’s more mangos on the nose than a Mangonada, and there’s an earthy citrus note that lingers quietly.

Each and every sip is a cascade of luscious mango. A burst of citrus explodes as the finish winds down, and what’s left to linger on my palette is a tongue-hug full of juicy tropical-ness. There’s almost no bitterness, and the news-worthy hop-burn that B52 and SpindleTap have become known for is 100% absent. There’s an overall estery fruitiness that’s reminiscent of B52 My Spirit Viking, and it fills my mouth in between sips.

Somehow all three of these guys brought out the best in one another. Furthermore, you and me win because of it – that’s a win, win, win, win, win, win (them three, you, me, and then everybody else). This Triquetrilization B52 SpindleTap Baa Baa Collab is a thing of beauty.

If this beer could’ve been any more hype, it would’ve been in the background of a rap video, sloshing around to the beat. You know what that means? It sold out on Friday. It’s completely gone. Forever. Even the few cases that Hop Drop copped. But you can always get other beers. Use code “BEERCHRONICLE” for 10% off your beer delivery. People are selling this Triquetrilization B52 SpindleTap Baa Baa Collab online for $48. This is real life.

SpindleTap will be at the Wild West Brew Fest in Katy this April. Get some tickets now before they’re all gone, and save 5% with code “BEERCHRONICLE” to try beer like this as well as hundreds of others.

  • My Overall Rating

Triquetrilization B52 SpindleTap Baa Baa Collab

Of course this is a perfectly rated beer. Look at it. Sometimes hype is just hype. This isn’t sometimes. Triquetrilization B52 SpindleTap Baa Baa Collab is a heck of a good beer, a terrific representation of the style, and a picture perfect example of a successful collab. In it’s truest sense, the participants should all be recognized in the outcome, and they should all make one another better. Tri-quee-quee does just that, and that’s why I’m giving it a MAN HOLD UP and 5 stars.

In addition to being an absolutely incredible beer, Josh and I had a terrific time shooting it. He’s teaching me how to shoot, and we did some collaborating on these photos as well. Hope you dig.

What’d you think of it overall? Let us know in the comments or click the stars below to rate. Beers to you, Houston!

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