Thank You, Houston – Massive Giveaway



Thank You, Houston

For a little over 2 years, we’ve been sharing Houston craft beer with anybody that’ll listen read. It’s been both a pleasure and an honor. And more fun than a barrel of monkeys drinking barrel-aged pastry stouts.



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We’ll keep this one short and sweet for y’all. We wanted to celebrate how far we’ve come since we started, and we also wanted to take a moment to thank all of y’all, our loyal readers, for your time and for your contributions to our site.


We just broke 5,000 followers on Instagram early last week.

This post makes our 300th blog post.

We’re selling some cool shirts for the first time ever.

And we’re about to launch the biggest giveaway on Instagram that we’ve ever done. Easily $300 worth of beer and goods.


The coolest part about all of this isn’t us celebrating ourselves. Instead, we wanted to celebrate how many people we’ve been able to share good beer with. 3 of the most viewed posts on our site are what beer nerds like us would consider “duh” information, but the fact that they’re so often viewed is proof that we’re doing something right. (Our posts about skunked beer, proper glassware, and our list of all the breweries are top 20 all time)

The beer drinking people are obviously hungry thirsty to learn more about craft beer, and that’s what we’re here for – to share it.

However, and this is the most important part so pay attention, we wouldn’t exist without y’all. You reading our stuff, sharing it with your friends, and helping us get it right when we miss the mark – that’s what makes this all possible. Y’all. Keep your eyes on our Instagram, so we can thank you a little more thoroughly in the next few days.

We just wanted to raise a beer to thousands more readers like you and another 300 posts!

Thank you, and beers to you, Houston.

P.S. In case you’re looking for a complete list of the giveaway haul, this is it.



Courtesy of 8th Wonder Brewery

1 6 Pack of Boss Beer Pineapple Wheat

1 6 Pack of Procrastinator Session IPA

1 6 Pack of Hopston IPA

1 6 Pack of Astroturf Dry Hopped Cream Ale

1 Procrastinator can glass

1 I hop TX shirt

1 Dome Faux’m Pennant

8 pours at the brewery


Courtesy of 11 Below Brewing

1 6 Pack of 7 Iron Blonde Session Ale

1 6 Pack of Color Blind Red IPA

1 6 Pack of Oso Bueno Amber

1 6 Pack of Hipster Sauce IPA

1 Texas Flag shirt

1 11 Below can glass

A bunch of stickers


Courtesy of Eureka Heights

$60 in gift cards

6 32oz Crowler fills

3 Pint Glasses

3 Steel bottle openers

A bunch of stickers


Courtesy of Back Pew Brewing

3 Pint Glasses

9 Pours at the brewery including 3 Sinners and 6 Saints

1 4 Pack of Garnet Pietist Raspberry Ginger Saison

2 Pint Glass Koozies

1 Growler and Fill


Courtesy of BAKFISH Brewing

2 Pours at the brewery

1 Growler fill

SpindleTap Brewery

1 Mixed 6 Pack (Boomtown Blonde, Honey Hole ESB, Hop Gusher IPA)

2 Pours at the brewery


Courtesy of Moonshot Creations

1 30”x20” handmade Astros Texas flag wooden decoration


Courtesy of us, Beer Chronicle

2 General Admission tickets to Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival

1 We <3 Houston Pint Glass

(Most breweries offer a discount per pour for folks that bring their own glassware.)


Beer Chronicle Team
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