Texas Leaguer Knuckle Bock



Texas Leaguer Knuckle Bock

Texas Leaguer Brewing

Missouri City


ABV: 6.5%

IBUs: 12

Packaging: Draft


Let’s play ball! Texas Leaguer is coming with the heater!

Texas Leaguer Knuckle Bock checks all the boxes, in my opinion. Back Pew Satyr’s Swill was the best bock brewed in Texas and it was also one of the best beers to pair with crawfish. While still really good, the bar has been raised. No disrespect to Shiner or any others out here brewing Bocks, but Texas Leaguer is in a league of their own.

While you’re on deck scouting the pitcher you’ll notice Knuckle Bock pours a dark murky-ish brown with a beige colored head that quickly disappears without leaving much lacing behind.

When you step into the batters box, you should be seeing signs that your about to drink a Bock. It’s a malty, caramel, sweetness that also packs a nice punch. Don’t get me wrong, Texas Leaguer Knuckle Bock is still very approachable and you probably wouldn’t be able to guess its ABV unless you’re scouting Untapped.

The artwork was a tap handle that looked like an antique baseball bat with a baseball on top. The can is actually a Hop Stop crowler that was designed by our very own Tony for our friends at Hop Stop! He had the pleasure of designing 3 of their crowler labels.

You can catch Texas Leaguer Knuckle Bock all around town on draft, and if you’re smart you’ll visit a bar like Hop Stop or Drink of Ages Pub where you can take a crowler to go.

The only real Macro comparison to Knuckle Bock is Ziegenbock or Shiner. To be fair those macro options are way lower ABV so it isn’t really an apple to apples comp. If you liked Back Pews Satyr’s Swill, you’ll do just fine trying a pint of Knuckle Bock.


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Texas Leaguer Knuckle Bock

I really enjoyed Texas Leaguer Knuckle Bock and to be honest. I enjoyed all the baseball puns I was able to fit in as well! Go ahead, tell us what you think. Will you be rooting for the home team or did they swing and miss with this beer? Leave your rating below and let the world know who you’re cheering for in the comments.

Beers to you, Houston.

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