Spindletap Juiceton by Sam



SpindleTap Juiceton

SpindleTap Brewery

Northeast Houston

Double NEIPA

ABV: 8.5%

IBUs: ?


Packaging: Draft, 4 pk 16 oz cans, brewery only


Who got the juice… baby? Who got the juicest hops in H-town?  While the haze craze continues to spread around our gulf coast metropolis, SpindleTap is definitely leading the charge.  Tony and I were humbled to get a sneak peak of Juicefest before Sunday’s release.  Riding on the success on Houston Haze, the guys off Hirsch Rd have doubled down with Hops Drop and Juiceton.

Houston Astros fans will love this label!  The Astros orange color is the backdrop of the Houston skyline with Minute Maid Park  clearly in the background. Juiceton Double IPA is written on top of the team star in silver lettering.  Now only if we could get this beer at Minute Maid Park!  Hell, maybe a few sips by Altuve and the boys would help the Astros get off their recent skid.

SpindleTap Juiceton pours an orange hazy color with a good amount of head that is typical of Double NEIPA’s.  The lacing is there but minimal.  The aroma is killer on this one people.  You get a tropical aroma that is heavenly.  I definitely picked up some guava on the nose as well as citrus flavors.  The aroma makes you want to dive right in, but be careful because this bad boy clocks in at 8.5%.  They aren’t lying when they caution you on their recent social media posts.

Juiceton is a Double IPA there’s no denying it, but upon first sip the smoothness is unquestionable.  The mouth feel isn’t quite as creamy as you would hope, but it isn’t far off.  This hazy double hop bomb breaks out the hoppy and juicy traits NEIPA fans love.  The dank and pine notes give way to a very pleasant citrus finish.  There is no hop burn which can be an issue with this style.  The bitterness is super low.  In fact, nobody at SpindleTap really knew what the IBU’s were.  We asked Garrison the head brewer via text and he said, “Don’t know. Haven’t worried too much, as it’s so low. The theoretical is way off from actual. Would need to send a sample off.”

SpindleTap Juiceton is another solid example of a style that has finally trickled down to our fair city.  A good comparison would be Copperhead’s Feeding Frenzy.  You can tell both are Double IPA’s, but neither drink like their ABV.  Whole Foods Market Brewing (sorely outdated site) has been putting out hazy doubles all summer and if you like those you will enjoy this offering as well.

I’m giving SpindleTap Juiceton a solid four and half star rating.  This beer hooked me in as soon as I popped the can.  The aroma had me forgetting to pour for a minute!  Beers do not earn such a high rating on aroma alone however, and Juiceton doesn’t fall short on the taste at all, and the lack of hop burn and bitterness more than earn this score.

Juiceton is brewery only and sold in four packs for sixteen dollars.  Juicefest starts at noon this Sunday 8/13/2017, but I would show up early because the buzz is real, and I don’t see this or the other beers lasting past Sunday.  Trust me Houston, not only do you want this beer, you need this beer.  I know I will be stocking my fridge and getting my traders ready.  Get your wallets, Paypal, and Venmo ready!  Are you going to SpindleTap on Sunday? If so let us know in the comments below!

Beers to you Houston.

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