SpindleTap Houston Haze NEIPA and Other News



SpindleTap NEIPA and Other News

NEIPAs are popping up everywhere, and Garrison and Sean of SpindleTap have some clouds cooking up for us soon.

We were invited out for an afternoon at SpindleTap to try some of their new beers, and we were pumped! It was an overcast Saturday on the 10th of February when Tony and I pulled up to the SpindleTap HQ. The parking lot was full, the Smokin D’s BBQ Fusion truck was smoking away, and we were thirsty for something new!


(Smokin D’s BBQ Fusion once the line died down)

First up was some fresh-tapped (that day) Hop Gusher, and while Hop Gusher is always delicious, there’s definitely something to be said about it being oh-so-fresh. In fact, it almost stole the show right out of the gate!


The fresh Hop Gusher was accompanied by their Bourbon Barrel Aged Derrickman Dubbel, cheekily coined Barrelman Dubbel by a patron. Derrickman Dubbel 1 Year Anniversary was the first beer of the year for Tony, and while he enjoyed it, this BA version was a bit more impressive.


(Pictured from left to right, freshly tapped Hop Gusher, Derrickman Dubbel on Cherries and Spices and Bourbon BA Derrickman Dubbel)

He and I both noted how the super-complex flavors were well balanced by the wood and vanilla notes, and the absence of cherries and spices allowed the dark fruit and banana flavors to meld well. As of 2/10/2017, they only had 3 half barrel kegs left, so if you’re into big, complex, Belgian beer, go check it out.

However, if you’re more of a hop-head, you may want to keep your ears to the streets as there’s soon to be a new kid on the block – SpindleTap Houston Haze NEIPA.

Prior to this weekend, there’s been a lot of talk about NEIPAs, a super juicy, fruity, citrusy take on the style that’s also known for being really opaque with haze caused by proteins in the yeast not fully dropping out. (I think that’s what Garrison said..? haha.) Garrison, Matt and Brody joked about the inception of SpindleTap Houston Haze.


(SpindleTap Houston Haze NEIPA Label Art – something like a DJ Screw mixtape meets the Good-Ol’-Boys of the Gulf Coast)

Brody went in on Brew Master Garrison, “I told him we should do a NEIPA, and this guy spends 8 damn months with his nose in a book! I’m over here pushing him like, let’s brew this bad boy!!” Ever the biochemist, Garrison wants to make sure it’s spot on, and just like they told us for our brewery guide, “Our biggest competition isn’t other breweries – it’s bad beer.”

Brody went on, “I’m just giving him a hard time. I know the yeast priest is gonna knock it outta the park!”

We’re really excited to see and try new styles, especially when they taste like strait tropical hops. Nick brought some New Hops on the Block back from San Antonio (Collab Weathered Souls x Cactus Land), and it was a pleasant introduction to the style. Something tells me SpindleTap Houston Haze is going to top it, though.


(Ever-generous, they sent us packing with some parting gifts to include some fresh Hop Gusher and a handful of beer tokens we’ll be giving away sporadically on IG. Pay attention.)

They didn’t want us to share any firm dates on Houston Haze, but as soon as it’s ready to rock, you’ll know!

So this post is mostly meant to share the news of SpindleTap Houston Haze NEIPA, however, we did gather some other cool info y’all should be aware of.

SpindleTap’s starting an apprentice program where you’ll (Yes, YOU) have the opportunity to brew alongside Garrison, Sean and Matt and learn the ropes. There’s a lot more at stake than just their knowledge, though. The winner will have the chance to host free parties at SpindleTap as well as a weekend getaway to Steamboat. It’s still in it’s infancy, but if you’re interested, and you know a little something about brewing, give SpindleTap a shout.

Also, they’ll be working on a Breakfast Stout and more BA stuff to include a Chardonnay aged Wit and a Bourbon Rye of some sort.

So, have you had a chance to stop by and try some Barrelman, or are you holding out for SpindleTap Houston Haze? Let us know below! And as always, Beers to you, Houston.

Beer Chronicle Team
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