Spindletap Houston Haze by Sam


Houston Haze

Spindletap Brewery

Northeast Houston


ABV: 6.5%

IBUs: 55

Packaging:  Draft, 16 oz 4 pk cans


Can you send me more Haze?  That is a common request from my trading partners these days.  The requests are coming from people who can purchase Trillium, Hoof Hearted, and Parish.  I am always happy to oblige, because SpindleTap makes purchasing this outstanding NEIPA easy.

When Houston Haze was launching I heard many local hop heads scoff before sampling the beer.  I was able to enjoy a preview and assured the naysayers the hype was real. However, most were still skeptical.  Fast forward to batch four, and those originally in denial haven’t missed a release.

The can art fits the name perfectly.  The oil derrick background has a pink sticker with the Houston skyline and oil refineries.  The Houston Haze in a cool font reminds me of the label for a rap CD.

Houston Haze pours a yellow to orange color and of course it is hazy AF.  The head pours just right (especially into a Houston Haze glass).  The lacing is minimal to none at all.  You can pour this next to many other reputable NEIPA beers and it would be hard to notice.  I have to agree with Nick’s take about drinking this in public as “juice”.

The smell of the beer is perfectly in line with the style.  Dave Ohmer, the head brewer of Whole Foods told me the hardest part about making these beers is the aroma.  Well, SpindleTap nailed it on this one.  You get orange, pineapple, and mango oozing from the aroma.  Smelling NEIPA’s is one of my favorite parts about drinking these juice bombs.

I know I know this review isn’t breaking news that Houston Haze is the bomb.  What impresses here is the consistency of the beer.  The mouth is super soft and has only improved.  The citrus just explodes in your mouth while the bitter remains very low on the back end.  Once I pour one up it doesn’t last long.  This has remained my opinion since batch one.  Batch five wasn’t as tasty, but Spindletap has assured us that they will fix the issues and be back on point for the next batch.

SpindleTap deserves all the credit in the world for having the juevos to go all in on this expensive style.  Other breweries like B-52, Copperhead, and No Label have dipped their toe in the water but Houston Haze has been the most consistent and readily available to the Houston hop heads.  Whole Foods puts haze out frequently but sticks mainly to double IPA versions.  The more juice in H-town the better I say, but SpindleTap has put out one that stands on its own.

I am giving Houston Haze a solid 4.5 stars for its consistency, for hitting all the marks of a really well done NEIPA.  The cloudy pour, aroma, and delicious taste make this SpindleTap offering a hazy home run for juice heads in Houston.  One batch that isn’t “bomb” isn’t going to change my rating.

Houston Haze is brewery only for now. However, they make can a tremendous amount and I thank them for not having to wait in Treehouse or Tired Hands type lines.



Houston Haze has been written about by several people and like previously mentioned this review isn’t front page news. However, on my recent summer vacation I had NEIPAs from all over the country.  More than once I commented that Haze was the best of the bunch.  I really hope SpindleTap has hop contracts locked up for a long time.  What is your Houston Haze experience? Let us know in the comments below! Beers to you, Houston!

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