Southern Star Oktoberfest by Hannah



Southern Star Oktoberfest

Southern Star Brewing Company



ABV: 6.3%

IBUs: 25

Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans


So apparently there was some yugeeee beer release last week at that brewery that keeps killing it with their New England IPAs. Word on the street continues to buzz about that one juicy town beer and that other one, named something like “I’m a butterfinger and can’t keep ahold of my hops”.

I mean…I wouldn’t know if that said oil-obsessed brewery is actually crafting anything worthy of this haze craziness, due to the fact that my Beer Chronicle teammates didn’t snag me any because “they sold out fast, man”.


A likely story, guys. A likely story.

So no, needless to say, this isn’t a review of that thirst-quenching SpindleTap Juiceton or fruit-poppin’, hop-droppin’ Hops Drop . It is, however, an acceptance that Fall seasonal beers are officially here and there ain’t nothin’ my whiny booty can do about it! So in celebration of my acknowledgement and recognition of the changing seasons–beer, that is (we all know the H Town heat isn’t leaving anytime soon)–I figured what better style to drink than festbiers!

Southern Star Oktoberfest was the first festbier I laid eyes upon while scouring HEB’s shelves. Of course, Southern Star never makes locating their cans very difficult. Look for the brightly colored orange can with minimal label art, and white block lettering.

Southern Star Oktoberfest pours a light amber, copper tone with a beautiful fingers worth of off white head. It has moderate to poor head retention, while the bright, translucent body refracts sunlight like the best of them.

It smells the only way a festbier should: malty, bready, and lightly spiced. And maybe it’s just me, but it also conjures up reminders that even spicier Christmas ales and stronger imperial stouts (and the utterly irresponsible, poor decisions that come along with imbibing too many of them) are just around the corner.

In complimentary fashion, Southern Star Oktoberfest tastes of cereal grains, toasted bread, caramel, and a touch of coriander and cloves. It veers towards a malty sweetness that is overall balanced.

I felt the light body deserved a thicker, chewier mouthfeel based on the deep, nutty flavors. The slight alcoholic burn of the aftertaste could be toned down too. This Oktoberfest weighs in at the very top of the ABV range for festbiers (5.8-6.3%) so Southern Star is clearly attempting to push the limits.

This would be a good beer for your compadre who hasn’t ventured too far into the craft menagerie, or who prefers lighter, wheaty, malty beers but wants to spread their wings into the ever-growing local options. Maybe their go-to is currently Blue Moon or Miller Lite, and hey, that’s just fine. Lucky for them, they have you, and YOU have Beer Chronicle!


Other than stockpiled in my fridge, you can grab Southern Star Oktoberfest in 6 pack cans all over town, or make a trip out of it and head to Conroe! After you’ve tried Oktoberfest, I double dog dare you to test Buried Hatchet Stout on nitro. Then triple your fun by heading over to that other Conroe hotspot, Copperhead Brewery, for more delicious brews!

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Southern Star Oktoberfest

Southern Star Oktoberfest has me in the mood for pretzels, cooler weather, and lederhosen. It exemplifies the traditional festbier style, although I wished it was slightly less alcoholic in the finish. What did you think? Does Southern Star have you jumping for joy, or are you not FALLing for it?

Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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