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Southern Star No Further Questions IPA


Southern Star No Further Questions IPA

Southern Star Brewing Company

Southern Star No Further Questions IPA
ABV: 6.3%
IBUs: ?
Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans

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I saw this one at H‑E‑B while digging for singles. I made some new friends from Ohio and Canada, and they all like IPAs, so I was on the hunt to show them a nice little mixture of what Houston had to offer.

Did I grab a few for myself?

Depends on who’s asking…

The can of No Further Questions stuck out on the shelves with an autumnal color scheme full of oranges and tans, but upon further inspection, it wasn’t little leaves! It was hands reaching towards the bold typography in the middle.

No Further Questions poured like a pretty typical West Coast IPA. An almost brilliantly clear copper color with a tawny head that was wrought with rocky bubbly texture. It died down eventually, but it left thick, creamy lacing all the way down. Everything about this is to style. Southern Star first caught my attention years ago with their foundational West Coast IPA, Conspiracy Theory.


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It smells like orange marmalade and pine cones, and I love it.

The medium body of No Further Questions IPA starts off with a subtle caramelly sweetness. The sip rounds out with a drying, fruity, sticky, resinous bitterness that’s actually kinda mild in terms of bitterness, but pretty bold in terms of flavor.

As for comparisons, this Southern Star IPA is like the classic, basic, good IPA. For that reason, it’s pretty similar to lots of otherWes

You can find Southern Star No Further Questions IPA pretty much everywhere beer is sold.

There are a lot of beer industry people and craft beer aficionados hating on hazies, and I get it. The haze craze dominated from our local market all the way up to the Great American Beer Festival rankings for the last few years, but breweries are gonna continue to ebb and flow to consumer demands, and I’m still here for all the creativity of all the styles, especially the quintessential and ever fluid style that is IPA. What’d you think of it overall? 

No Further Questions Southern Star Brewing Company
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Southern Star No Further Questions IPA

Overall, I really appreciate the straightforward, classic, West Coast approach of Southern Star No Further Questions IPA. There’s nothing to hide behind, and while it’s not super thrilling and unique, that’s what makes it delicious. Not every beer needs to be a big, cerebral experience. I dig this beer, and I have no further questions.

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Beers to you, Houston!

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