Southern Star Nature of Ego & Self



Southern Star Nature of Ego & Self

Southern Star Brewing Company


Dark Lager

ABV: 6.2%

IBUs: 25


Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans

This is not the typical Southern Star label art, or really any beer’s label art. The off kilter, non-sensical, Salvador Dali-like painting displayed on the can grabbed my attention amongst the singles offerings at Spec’s.

Described as a dark lager, the black background and ornate philosophical imagery of the can, had me on the edge of my seat. Would this be a deep, complex beer perfect for welcoming Fall? Would the beer mimic the art in its many nuances?

The answers to those and more…soon.

But first, I can proudly report Southern Star Nature of Ego & Self pairs wildly well with lengthy Lego building sessions. So well. When you’re at the end of your rope because the got dang legs of your AT-AT won’t connect to the torso as specified in the directions (see photo above), you must have faith.

Eh, scratch that. Substitute beer for faith. Beer always helps. And Nature of Ego & Self undeniably gave me the force to complete my Southern Star Wars (see what I did there? Hah ha haa) beast of an AT-AT replica.


Weighing in at 6.2%, Nature of Ego & Self boasts a very sessionable, easily drinkable style. It pours amber to light brown with impeccable clarity. Sadly, its off-white head receded in record time, too quick to even snap a picture!

Although the carbonation didn’t stick around for long, scents of roasted nuts, dried dark fruits, and lightly browned sugar continually graced my palette. It teetered between medium to medium light mouthfeel, which was a pleasant surprise. Nature of Ego & Self manages to balance that slightly “chewy” texture (best described as thicker without the high alcohol or heaviness of a stout) with little carbonation and strong flavors.

Sweetness overwhelms with flavors of caramel, toffee, and toasted malt. However, dried dates give a moderate balance that still ends on sweet. The taste comes off clean and smooth, although increased carbonation would have improved the feel.

My biggest qualm with Nature of Ego & Self? This is a delicious, semi-complex beer meant for drinking in cool weather while watching football or yelling obnoxiously at inanimate children’s toys (friggin Legos). Yet this LIMITED RELEASE beer was on the market in July, AKA the hottest month of the year, AKA Satan’s playtime. By the time it’s appropriate to enjoy Nature of Ego & Self, it will be too late!

Beyond the timing issue, I felt Nature of Ego & Self too closely resembled Southern Star’s Oktoberfest released only a few weeks ago. Oktoberfest featured a spicier profile with coriander and cinnamon, but the base and balance of the two beers seemed oddly similar. Luckily, they are both great!

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Southern Star Nature of Ego & Self

Southern Star produced a very sessionable beer, but it wasn’t what I expected nor what I feel should be released during the Texas summertime. How’d it stack up to your expectations? Were you moved by the label art to find your inner Picasso or Dali?

Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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