Slim Thug Beer aka 8th Wonder Boss Beer



Slim Thug Beer aka 8th Wonder Boss Beer

8th Wonder Brewery


American Wheat

ABV: 5%

IBUs: 12

Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans


Look who creepin’ look who crawlin’ still ballin’ in the mix. It’s that 6’6” slim… never mind.

If you haven’t read it already or you’ve been living under a rock, 8th Wonder Boss Beer is the Slim Thug beer that Houston fans have been patiently waiting to see on shelves. Paul Wall and Bun B got theirs, and they’re both pretty good, but this Slim Thug Beer had to be a chart topper for 8th Wonder to make it the first of the hip-hop series to be canned and put it in stores.

8th Wonder did the full-can sticker-labels for this run, and if it sells through well, we might see it as an addition to their regular line up, but they likely won’t have the 8×45 thing on them like the old ones. If you’re wondering what this means, check out some of their history. The sticker features black, white, gray, and golden-yellow artwork that’s almost all typography, aside from the Boss Life logo creeping up from behind 8th Wonder’s. They have gold PakTek holders for the finishing, boss-life touch that a Slim Thug Beer deserves.

Like a classic rapper’s chain, this Slim Thug beer pours a pale gold, and it’s brilliantly clear like the diamonds that used to be on his teeth. The chalk white head melts quickly. Contrary to Slim’s 5% tint, there wasn’t a bunch of lacing blocking the glass – just a thin white ring of bubbles.

The nose is all grain, and I didn’t get any pineapple at all. I really wanna smell it, but I just don’t.

8th Wonder Boss Beer tastes like a good, clean wheat beer with a tiny hint of pineapple. It’s subtle, and refreshing. According to Ryan Soroka, one of 8th Wonder’s Owners, that’s exactly what the Slim Thug beer was supposed to be, “Slim knew he wanted a light and refreshing beer but he wanted a little extra something. After a few test batches in just a matter of a few months, 8th Wonder Boss Beer Pineapple Wheat was born.” Slim was the second of three Houston rappers to collaborate with 8th Wonder, first being Bun B and third being Paul Wall. Check out how it all went down.

Slim got exactly what he asked for because each sip starts off off super light and crisp, and midway a gently-sweet note of caramel comes. That mild sweetness finishes pretty dry with almost no hop bitterness.

I’ve had to slow down on beer for the last 6 months, so I can’t really think of a good comparison. Somebody told me Blue Moon – orange + light pineapple. I can’t confirm nor deny that, and I haven’t had a Blue Moon in ages, but a friend left one in my cooler after a fishing trip so maybe I’ll have to check it out one of these days. I was just gonna cook with it before writing this.


Boss Beer will be part of a seasonal rotation known as the hip-hop series. Mar-May will be Slim Thug beer, Jun-Aug Paul Wall (People’s Champ – krystalweizen), and Sep-Nov BunB (Brew GK – candy apple Kolsch). You can find it in cans wherever good beer’s sold, and you can see the full release calendar here. I got mine at HEB. And you can find it on tap at 8th Wonder, Ramble Creek Grill in Richmond, and a few other spots.

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Slim Thug Beer aka 8th Wonder Boss Beer

This Slim Thug Beer is an Already Platinum kinda beer. (That album was great, but it only went gold, for those of you that don’t know Slim Thug.) What I mean by that is, it was a good beer. It was true to style. Many folks enjoyed it, and it probably should’ve done better than it did.

If there were no mention of pineapple, I think it’d be a great American Wheat. Slim wanted subtle, and refreshing, and he got it! Again, everything that holds true for the Slim Thug Beer holds true for the Already Platinum album. I’ll still jam bofum tho. HAAAAAAAA *Slim Thug Voice*

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