Sigma Spirit Journey



Sigma Spirit Journey

Sigma Brewing Company

ABV: 9%
IBUs: 30
Packaging: Draft, 4 pack 16 ounce cans, delivered by Hop Drop

Google is amazing, isn’t it? From the moment this beer arrived on my patio, I couldn’t help but think of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer’s tripping balls. He ate some super wild, nuclear looking pepper from Chief Wiggum at a chili cook off, and he spun out into the desert.

Either you know exactly what I’m talking about or you need to check out The Simpsons – The Mysterious Voyage of Homer.

Mysterious voyage, spirit journey, whatever. It all sounds like a pipe dream to me! (Fun fact, the term pipe dream isn’t about that old ass computer game you used to play. It originates from the hallucinations people had after smoking opium pipes. Google it.)

Aaand it all comes full circle. Speaking of circles, it’s about time to get around to the beer.

I can’t lie. I was a bit suspicious when I saw the can art for Sigma Spirit Journey. It’s wildly colored with concentric circles around some wicked looking skull. Some Grateful-Dead-Esque text rests above the skull like an ominous halo, and there’s a tiny mushroom in the eye of the skull.

I was scared skurred, y’all.

There was no ABV or IBU on the can, so I had no idea what I was getting into other than a Hazy DIPA with Ekuanot, Galaxy, and Ella (AKA Stella, AKA a close cousin of Galaxy) hops.

It poured a pale, opaque yellow reminiscent of all my favorite hazy IPAs. The head on it was white and creamy – so thicc that I thought I was dreaming. Like I was on some kind of Sigma Spirit Journey!

Anyhow, as soon as I cracked it open, I knew it was gonna be fire. Just like last week’s B-52 Before the Internet: Payphone, the can oozes with sticky, pleasantly-oppressive aroma that takes over the airspace around me.

Scents of lemon rind and grapefruit drip from the glass leading the way to my first sip of Sigma Spirit Journey.

It drinks like a dream… one that winds and winds, builds and swells, and then you’re thrust awake wishing you could fall back asleep right where you left off. Each sip of Sigma Spirit Journey starts off smooth, tropical, and fruity like you expect, but mid sip is where it begins shape-shifting.

Flavors of stone fruit and passion fruit join in on the creamy journey until your palette is left reeling for another sip. There’s a high perceived bitterness for 30 IBU that has a floral, spicy attribute; it all comes together to coat your tongue with dank bitterness. For such a juicy looking and smelling beer, it has a saison-like dry finish.

Sigma Spirit Journey is an eye-opener. It has everything going for it in terms of the style, yet somehow it stands out from everything that has come before it.

Cans of Sigma Spirit Journey will go on sale (today) Saturday at the brewery, and if you’re worn out from all the shopping, the homies at Hop Drop got you covered for delivery. Use code “BEERCHRONICLE” for 10% off your beer delivery. You can catch it on draft at The Conservatory too.

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Sigma Spirit Journey

Overall Sigma Spirit Journey is as fire as I thought it’d be once I cracked open the can and smelled it. It’s proof that they don’t all taste the same. Not everybody gets the haze craze, and that’s cool. But I do. And it’s amazing. I hope I didn’t brain my damage. What about you? Are you waiting for this Saturday to go on a Sigma Spirit Journey like me? Beers to you, Houston!

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