Sigma Intermezzo Raspberry Passionfruit



Sigma Intermezzo Raspberry Passionfruit

Sigma Brewing Company

2nd Ward
Heavily Fruited Sour Ale
ABV: 4%
Packaging: Draft, 4 pack 16oz cans

Sigma just celebrated two years of mashing in for thirsty Houstonians, and according to our photographer Josh, their anniversary party was a day for the ages; with pickle ball, actual pickles, and of course the beer, a good time was had by all. They’ve made some big waves in two short years, and it’s beers like Intermezzo that raise the tides.

Intermezzo is their “lightly tart and heavily fruited” Sour Ale, and they’ve done a few variations in the last few months. Hop Drop customers may have had the pleasure of experiencing them, as they’re one of the special beers you can get delivered straight to your door.

This one is raspberry and passionfruit, and they’re not kidding about the heavily fruited bit. The moment I cracked the can, sweet passionfruit aromas oozed followed by a sharp tart aroma from the raspberries.

The cans are pretty straight to the point much like the aroma. They feature an off-white background with little else other than the black text “Intermezzo” vertically aligned and the pics of the fruit aside it.

The aroma is heavy on the fruit, and so is the appearance. Sigma Intermezzo is a slightly cloudy, bold, bright scarlet red from the raspberries. The effervescent head leaves a trace of pink before it melts away.

Raspberries are said to represent kindness, energy, and love, and all this raspberry has me loving Sigma Intermezzo. While the sweetness of the passionfruit is heavy on the nose, it’s a bit less evident with each sip. Admittedly, I’m ok with that. I have a love hate relationship with passionfruit because it’s usually a little too sweet for my liking.

An intermezzo is a composition of music that goes between two other, more-major compositions; think of it as a symphonic commercial without actually selling anything. Nothing about Intermezzo should be glossed over, though. Each sip is as bright and crisp as the appearance. It’s like a crescendo that builds and lingers unlike it’s humble name might suggest. It starts off sharp and tart, but it’s not the vinegar tart that some sours offer. That gentle tang morphs into refreshing raspberry, and it all comes together for a dry finish.

Sigma Intermezzo is a PERFECT beer for the wine drinker in your life. If I had to compare it to something on the shelves, I’d say Saint Arnold Raspberry AF would be the closest comparison, but this is less tart with more body (and alcohol).

You can find Sigma Intermezzo on tap at the brewery or with a Draft Wagon membership from Hop Drop. Hay Merchant and Pitch 25 also have it on draft right now, so go soak it up before it’s gone.

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Sigma Intermezzo Raspberry Passionfruit

Despite being a tart, refreshing beer that screams relief in Houston’s summer months, I could see myself enjoying this year round because it’ll pair so well with food. The tame tartness and (surprisingly) not overly-sweet passion fruit notes beg to be beside a grilled ribeye to cut through the fat. I’ll be needing some more of this in my fridge, but I’m super excited to try the peach/apricot version!

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Beers to you, Houston!

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