DDH Medina Sod by Sigma Brewing by Sam



Sigma DDH Medina Sod

Sigma Brewing Company


Pale Wheat Ale

ABV: 5.7%

IBUs: 59

Packaging: Draft, Growlers and Crowlers coming soon



Are you a Lebowski achiever?  If so, head to Brash or Sigma for beers and owners who love the movie and the cult following.

This review for Sigma’s DDH Medina Sod is loooong overdue.  The history behind the name Medina Sod is quite interesting. I first tried the DDH version when they released it with their Lebowksi themed glassware.  Great news: this version is awesome and here to stay!

Medina Sod will be double dry hopped year round.  Given this awesome news,  I will simply refer to it as Medina Sod for the rest of this review.

The guys at Sigma are an up and coming local favorite around town and making some serious progress with distribution.  They signed with Flood and their beer is easy to find around town now.  If you follow their Facebook page there is some exciting news coming! They switched their license to a brewpub, so crowlers will be available very, very soon.  Their crowler labels are grey with a hop-pattern background and the brewery logo front and center.

Medina Sod pours a slightly hazy orange and yellow color.  The lacing runs smoothly down the glass, after just the right amount of head from a proper pour.  This beer looks and pours like the hoppy delight you experience.  Medina Sod also yields a fantastic nose.  The Citra and Mandarina Bavaria (which makes up 2/3 of the hops) deliver a fantastic fruity and citrus aroma.

Now on to the meat of this review, the taste!  This is a fantastic beer for hopheads in this Houston heat.  Upon first sip, you experience a tasty citrus and hoppy flavor.  As it’s a wheat ale, the grain is present but the marriage is very nice.  The slight bitterness is in play here, but doesn’t overtake the hops and balances the beer nicely.  Medina Sod is a very unique pale wheat ale, and there’s nothing basic about it.

Here’s my advice, drink the beer and forget the style. Just enjoy it! If you like Brash EZ-7,  then you will love Medina Sod.  I am giving  Medina Sod a solid 4 stars. This 5.7% hoppy delight is extremely drinkable and perfect for hot ass Houston days. It’s available most of the time so look for it around town, or bring some home from the brewery once they have the crowlers up and running!


Medina Sod can usually be found around town and at the brewery with no problems.  Tap hunter and their Facebook page will lead you in the right direction.

One last bit of breaking news – This Wednesday, at Moon Tower Sigma will be tapping a quadruple dry hopped version of Medina Sod!

In conclusion, Medina Sod was great originally and is even better with the double dry hopping.  I was blown away by how tasty it was for the style and ABV.  The guys at Sigma are always super nice, and the tap room itself is very nice and welcoming.  What are your thoughts on this DDH Medina Sod?  Let us know in the comments below!  Beers to you Houston!

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