Senate Ave Smoke Show Jalapeño Blonde


Senate Ave Smoke Show Jalapeño Blonde

Senate Avenue Brewing Company

Jersey Village
Blonde with Jalapeños
ABV: 5.3%
IBUs: ?
Packaging: Draft, 32-ounce Crowlers





I heard Senate Ave had a pepper beer, and my ears perked up. I love spicy food, spicy drinks, hot sauce, and my love for craft beer actually started with Don Jalapeño from No Label. I’m always glad to try a new pepper beer, so I had to grab a crowler from Senate Ave.

When I stopped in, I was lucky that there was no line. A few folks were enjoying beers with friends, but I was able to belly up and order my crowler in 30 seconds flat! The guy that was filling it was either verrrry careful, or he needed a little more training. 13 minutes later, I headed home, ready to try some Senate Ave Smoke Show Jalapeño Blonde alongside my chicken enchiladas verdes.

Fire up the grill, pour up a glass, and start cleaning the tomatillos.

Senate Ave Smoke Show Jalapeño Blonde crowler is black, white, and silver with the twistee top. I haven’t seen any of their Taphandles out and about yet, but I haven’t really been out and about much either!

I poured it as I was grilling, and the color was a copperish-gold with a slight haze, but it was just a step away from clear. The tiny ghost-white head disappeared quickly, and the lacing was delicate and spotty.

The smell of Senate Ave Smoke Show Jalapeño Blonde was rich and toasty with savory pepper notes.

The first sip of Senate Ave Smoke Show Jalapeño Blonde was nuanced and inviting. The smokiness of the peppers was so airy, and there was nearly no burn on the finish like some others. The light, clean blonde base beer shone through well without being dominated by the peppers. It fell pretty flat carbonation wise, but I think that may be due to a 3/4 filled crowler. I can’t wait to give it another shot on draft.

The only thing I can think to compare it to is No Label Don Jalapeño. It’s a lot more tame and approachable, though. That may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask. Senate Ave Smoke Show Jalapeño Blonde is certainly sweeter as well. I’d love to get another crowler of this and make some micheladas with it.



As far as I know, this Jalapeño Blonde is on draft at the Senate Ave taproom, and only at the Senate Ave taproom. Bummer for those of you on the other side of town!

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Senate Ave Smoke Show Jalapeño Blonde

Overall, it was pretty dang good. I think the crowler experience set my expectations pretty low, but despite the lack of carbonation, I could taste all the goodness that was hidden within. This is a good beer, and I expect to see good stuff from the team in Jersey Village thanks to this one!

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