Saint Arnold Spring Bock by Tam



Saint Arnold Spring Bock

St. Arnold Brewing Co.

Houston, TX

German Style Bock

ABV: 6.9%

IBUs: 24

Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Bottles and Cans

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The weather outside is dreary, humid, and wet; which is pretty typical of a Houston Spring. It doesn’t seem like we get much of a break when it comes to the seasons. The only one we actually get right, well let’s just say it likes to over achieve; frying pan style of overachievement. So Saint Arnold Spring Bock is perfect for a Houstonian (or a fresh face to Texas) and it’s from the most reliable, as well as oldest, craft brewery in our ever growing city.

Saint Arnold Spring Bock is a seasonal release that playfully reminds us Houstonians that, somewhere in the country, other seasons are in existence. Bock beers are traditionally strong German Lagers that are dark and specifically brewed for Spring Festivals; Beer Fest. With the help of Father Time, new techniques and blending of styles have made Bocks available in a wide range of light copper to black as night forms.

Saint Arnold Spring Bock has a gentle floral scent when poured but oddly it does not match the caramel colored contents. In my experience, most floral scented beers are usually accompanied with lighter brews such as blondes or pale ales. The taste was what I expected of a St. Arnold – delicious, creamy, and dare I say almost velvety with its caramel notes as well as bread like after tastes. I found a pleasant crispness to this German style brew that leaves your taste buds refreshed and eager for another.

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I quietly admit my hesitation when I first discovered a case of Saint Arnold Spring Bock, and it was mostly because of the look of the packaging. Something about blue bonnets and bright colors don’t scream German Bock to me, but then again this is a brew that is intended for spring. Perhaps the packaging was on purpose, with its attention grabbing colors as well as the small details in their label from the Patron Saint to the Texas Sun and perhaps the Rio flowing in the background; or quite possibly the German Rhine.

I found this Saint Arnold Spring Bock to be what I expected, from an already great brewing company, and perhaps that’s why I felt that the average rating for all St. Arnold brews to be at the minimum a 3 or better. Did you feel that my rating was too low or perhaps not low enough? Let us in the comments below, and as always “Beer to you, Houston!”

Tam Pham
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