Project Halo Snake Eyez Triple IPA


Project Halo Snake Eyez Triple IPA

Project Halo Brewing

Triple IPA
ABV: 9.6%
IBUs: ?
Packaging: Draft only lol


Last weekend was Homecoming weekend. That meant make up artists, hair dos, photos, and all of the other glitz and glam that comes with having daughters… and that also meant it was a day for me to get outta the way.

To pass the time, I made a trip into the loop to Great Heights to stock up because I wanted to see their new Lagerish Kolsch artwork, and then I made a hike back West to Project Halo Brewing for a flight, pupusas, and a couple of hours of working on labels for a few of Houston’s coolest breweries before heading back home to take photos and send them off.

I came home with a crowler of Project Halo Snake Eyez Triple IPA. They usually don’t send this beer out the door, so I’m grateful!



After a recent trip to Counter Common’s grand opening, I decided it was time to get out and try more of Houston’s new beer instead of the same places I’ve been frequenting lately. I’ve usually made it a practice not to go out to breweries for their first 6-12 months while they dial in their new systems. Just to make sure I give them a real fair shake. But after being wowed by Counter Common, I think I’m done saying that.

On to Project Halo Snake Eyez Triple IPA.

Triple? Not usually my jam.

Brand new spot? Not usually my jam.

Crowler? Not usually my jam. I feel like I gotta slam 32 ounces, waste it, or save it for a share, and if y’all know me, or if you’ve been reading for a while, y’all know I don’t get out much!

All that said, I tasted it in my flight, and I digged it. As I was closing out my tab, I asked one of the team members what was his fav Beer?

He said Project Halo Snake Eyez Triple IPA.

“Bet. Gimme one crowler of that, please.”

“Oh, we don’t usually do that one to go. Lemme get one of the owners.”

Owners Steve and Melissa talked with me briefly, and Steve mentioned they have a few exciting beers on the way, noting a cold IPA on the way.

Knowing that crowlers don’t hold up for super long, I didn’t wanna waste any time trying it, so the next day I poured up grillside.

Speaking of crowlers, the label is the Ball standard generic one with black and gold. Not much to note here, visually.



Aside from the packaging, the rest of the visual is biiig IPA. Period. It’s copper and brilliantly clear with a fluffy tan head that laces like a homecoming dress. One Untappd reviewer mentioned it looked like Iced Tea. I can kinda see it, but this is some dangerous tea.

The first whiff is super spicy and citrusy. The chinook and Citra both make themselves known instantly. I dig it.

The carbonation is pretty low, and I recall that from the flight. The heaviness of the big body suffocates the little bubbles a bit, but this is pretty common for beers in this super high ABV range. I do wish it had a bit more in this regard to help brighten up the bite.

When I go in for each sip, it’s pretty clear why they named it Snake Eyez – it’s got a bite! Honestly, I expected a bit more bitterness on the finish to balance out the sweetness of the big, high ABV body. It’s smoother than expected with a rush of citrusy hop notes and a super subtle malty sweetness. I could definitely see this being the type of IPA that is enjoyed by many.

It reminded me a bit of Equal Parts Resinlord because they’re both massive IPAs, but Snake Eyez isn’t nearly as sticky, bitter, and resinous. Like a Resinlord lite? This feels like an oxymoron describing such a big beer, but it’s the best I got!

As far as I know, Project Halo Snake Eyez Triple IPA is only available wayyy out West at their taproom. The Wild West Brewfest is coming up soon in Katy, and although the full list has not been released, I expect to see Project Halo out there. Get your tickets to one of America’s best rated beer fests now, and save with code “BEERCHRONICLE” at checkout.



Project Halo Snake Eyez Triple IPA
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Project Halo Snake Eyez Triple IPA

Overall, I really digged Snake Eyez Triple IPA. The big ABV is something I wouldn’t usually reach for, but I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was. I hope to try more from Project Halo soon, and I’m on my way for that new cold IPA after tasting this bad boy. Snake Eyez aren’t a good thing depending on who you ask, but this beer sure was! What’d you think of it overall?

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Beers to you, Houston! 🍻

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