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Misfit x Holler Beer Label Design Overview

Collabs are always fun to work on, especially when the approach to the artwork is a collaboration. Inspired by guilty pleasures and teenage angst, this beer paid homage to none other than Limp Bizkit. When Juan Sanchez of Misfit Beerworks and John Holler of Holler Brewing met for brew day, the playlist took a turn for the rap/rock fusion, and the beer followed suit.



Encapsulate teenage angst, Limp Bizkit, Holler, Misfit, and the spirit of a massive IPA that’s all gas and no brakes. This is an interesting cocktail of creativity, so a lot of brainstorming and music listening had to be done.



Inspired by the album cover of Three Dollar Bill, Y’all, and it’s rough throwup/bomb graffiti style lettering, we opted for a full on typographic approach for this beer label design. Wildstyle, full-color, bomb lettering mixed with fat cap sprays were reminiscent of the days of budding creativity mixed with angst.


In an attempt to create some visual excitement on somewhat minimal artwork, we opted for Silver BOPP labels which allow for an extra layer of creativity. Many breweries print their labels on this shiny, silvery material to make them have a bit more luster on the shelf, but that luster can become more than just a material. In this case, part of the design relies on very intricate line work that reveals the silver material beneath each color for a monotone palette that somehow becomes duotone in the hands (hot pink image above). The bright colors shine against the patterns of each label in a tactile way.



Misfit x Holler Beer Label Design Credits

Art Direction: Juan Sanchez, Misfit Beerworks
Graphic Design, Print Design, Printing: Anthony Gorrity



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