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Lakewood Brewing Product Photography Overview

When Lakewood Brewing was moving into the Houston market, they knew who to reach out to in order to spread the word. We put together some articles, ads, social media content and product photography to help them make a splash on Houston shelves.



Lakewood Brewing is located in Garland, Tx, a Northeastern suburb of Dallas. As they were entering the Houston market, they needed some help making a name for themselves beyond beer nerds like us.



While they initially reached out just for written content and advertising, we took the opportunity to help them with some visuals to support their efforts. Articles were written, ads were purchased, and we helped with the digital marketing side, but none of it would’ve been possible without the artful exploration of Josh Olalde, his lens, and his lights. Since this was 100% product photography, it was 100% staged lighting. Many photos were taken of several of their beers, but these were the standouts among the standouts.



Lakewood Brewing Product Photography Credits

Creative Direction, Photography: Josh Olalde
Project Management: Brent Topa



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