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Ingenious Infinity Stone Glassware Design Overview

All the way back in the Spring of 2019, Ingenious was the first brewery to give us a real shot. Their Spring Training label came out, looked off, and we asked if they wanted some help. The rest is history. Since then, we’ve designed their website, labels for their highly sought after Froyo series and Halloween Cereal beers, video game themed beer labels, and their Mutagen beers that sold out in 2 minutes flat. When they asked for some Infinity Stoned labels and merch design, there was no hesitation.



Create a beer label that could also be used on shirts, glassware design, stickers, and be versatile enough for all of those subtrates and different printing techniques.



Anthony must’ve drawn and redrawn this glove 10 times to get it right, but it was an important release since it was a part of Ingenious’ anniversary party. After finally getting it right, the artwork then had to be reworked one last time to work effectively on full color organic glassware since that doesn’t support transparency. Nerd stuff. The end result was a vibrant, colorful piece of art that was used on a bunch of merch.



Ingenious Infinity Stone Glassware Design Credits

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Project Management, Print Design: Anthony Gorrity



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