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Fortress Beerworks Label Design Overview

2020 saw just about every brewery in town shuttering their doors, and many turned to canning to stay afloat (which is partially to thank for the global aluminum shortage). Thank God for all the cans because we love having a fridge full of options! Fortress Beerworks Label Design was a must, and thanks to our guy Brent, Beer Chronicle got the work.



Fortress Beerworks Label Design was a blank canvas. They had little to no visual identity established, so it was up to us to chart the course. Led by the typography in the Fortress logo, we were inspired by the National Forest posters of the 30’s and 40’s. Ultimately, a super-clean, streamlined look was chosen.



In an attempt to create some visual excitement in an otherwise very consistent line of designs, we opted for Silver BOPP labels which allow for an extra layer of creativity similar to the Misfit x Holler labels. Many breweries print their labels on this shiny, silvery material to make them have a bit more luster on the shelf, but that luster can become more than just a material. In this case, half of the design relies on very intricate line work that reveals the silver material beneath each color for a monotone palette that somehow becomes duotone in the hands (hot pink image above). The bright colors shine against the patterns of each label in a tactile way.


In order to show off their new labels, they needed some photography. Natural lighting and found light from the breweries beautiful beer garden lights helped shape the visuals as did a spirited night of sharing beers with friends. A quick loop was shot and edited in order to help promote their partnership with Live to Give.



Fortress Beerworks Label Design Credits

Art Direction, Project Management: Anthony Gorrity
Creative Direction, Photography: Josh Olalde



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