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Equal Parts Brewing Website Design Overview

I genuinely can’t even remember exactly how this project began, but some time back in March 2021, Matt Peterson and I sat down for a few beers and to talk shop. His genuine nature, inquisitive conversation, and tangible passion for his business was contagious. He spoke about his beer in a way that made me want to stop drinking any other beer (but admittedly, that thought was fleeting).

I thought I was going to meet him and discuss scope of work, but really, he just wanted to get to know me. After certain projects are completed, I send out a post-work survey just to see how everything went, and here’s one of Matt’s notes about his concerns. “Just not knowing how you work and worrying if we would work well together. Those worries were quickly dismissed once we met and started discussing the project.”

It was the kind of convo that said, I care, and I’m not going to work with anybody just because they make good work; they gotta be good people too. I know you’re capable. But I want to know that you care as much as I do. Welp, I passed the test!



Their rebrand from Sigma to Equal Parts had them ready to put their best foot forward online. Furthermore, the COVID shutdown was the sort of thing that caused them to make lemonade out of life’s lemons. They took the time to expand and rebuild their taproom. It went from Sigma vibes to Equal Parts vibes. The site was the only thing left to get a refresh.

Matt and his counterpart Nick were so so sincere about wanting something that was handcrafted. Their biggest concern was having a custom-built beer menu that was one part visual, one part filter, all killer, no filler. A final challenge was that these two guys wanted to own content updating once the site was launched. This is pretty rare and usually ends up in late night phone calls because somebody broke something, but Nick and Matt are smarter than your average bear. They wrote their brewing software, for crying out loud, adding some content to a CMS is light work for these guys.



Handcrafted is exactly what they got. The Equal Parts Brewing Website Design is built on a super light WordPress skeleton, and every single element from there was custom coded. Every pixel, every breakpoint, every bit of the site was handcrafted with care just like their beer.

The beer menu was easily the biggest challenge, but after a few iterations and some de-bugging, we were able to build the custom beer listing page. Furthermore, we were able to build a back-end component that allowed them to easily upload beer artwork, name, style notes, etc., and publish it for themselves. While the Ingenious site is awesome visually, this site is in a completely different league when it comes to the backend functionality.

Random: This project also inspired me to start sharing some of my own internal resources like craft beer ipsum.


I enjoyed the collaboration on what we WANTED out of the site, and how we could turn it into the thing that worked best for us. I enjoyed how you added your perspective, and you weren’t afraid to push back and offer a different viewpoint. I think it is this kind of collaboration that makes the end product that much better. 

– Matt Peterson, Co-Owner



Equal Parts Brewing Website Design Credits

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Project Management: Anthony Gorrity
Web Development, Hosting: Johnny O Design



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