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Through our partnership with Hop Drop, we were tasked with shooting some of Houston’s most hype beers week after week. We were given full creative control over the B52 Photography shots in order to set the scenes, lighting, and editing in a way that helped tell a story about each beer. This project was very different from 8th Wonder Brewery and Distillery projects.



B52 Photography was needed regularly, and they needed to be turned around quickly. They needed to be creative and eye-catching while helping support online storytelling.



With the help of the logistically keen Hop Drop service, we developed a drop off system for weekly delivery of the beer a few days in advance of it’s release. We’d stage the props and lighting scenarios the night of delivery, shoot the weekly B52 Photography, and deliver the photos the next day. Our delivery method was a well-organized Google Drive folder, so photos could be downloaded and used in subsequent marketing with zero hassle or time wasted.



B52 Photography Credits

Art Direction, Project Management: Anthony Gorrity
Creative Direction, Photography: Josh Olalde



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