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8th Wonder Instagram Sticker Gifs Overview

Breweries are social places. Social media is too. 8th Wonder noticed that many of their patrons were sharing their Wonder World experiences on Instagram Stories, and they wanted to capitalize on the exposure.



Create a couple dozen Instagram sticker gifs that’d be sharable, branded, and simple enough to work in people’s IG stories.



This project was pretty straightforward. 8th Wonder supplied their source files for all of the artwork, and we animated them, and uploaded them to Instagram. Next, sit back and watch the exposure roll in. The beauty of Instagram sticker gifs is that your customers advertise for you. This builds brand loyalty, affinity, and advocacy. These little things pay for themselves as you can se by the literal millions of impressions they’ve generated on Instagram.

Check them out by logging into Instagram, and following these instructions. We’ve made a bunch for others as well, but 8th Wonder has many more than most. You can find all of them by searching “Houston Beer” in the IG Sticker search field.




I was impressed with the scope of work and the variety of services offered. Not to mention, you were friendly and easy to talk to. Anthony [and his team are] professional, timely, and really great to work with. Additionally, the finished product is always of the highest quality.
– Ryan Soroka, President/Co-Founder/Hype Man




8th Wonder Instagram Sticker Gifs Credits

Project Management, Animation: Anthony Gorrity
Original Designs: Alex Roman Jr. AKA Donkee Boy



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