New Republic Brewing Co Kadigan By Chris



NRB Kadigan Blonde

New Republic Brewing Co

College Station


ABV: 5.2%

IBUs: 25

Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans


My first time trying Kadigan blonde was at New Republic Brewing Co’s taproom in college station. I didn’t go there for Kadigan but where else do you start? Blondes are the equivalent of dipping your toes in the water before you jump in. Very solid beer, perfect for a weekend afternoon beer! I feel like Blondes and Pilsners get overlooked and are even a little under appreciated! I know I’m guilty of it.

New Republic Brewing Co is nothing if not consistent! All the cans fit the same mold with just slight differences with the color scheme. Kadigan Blonde is mainly a khaki color with mustard yellow accent colors flowing all around the can and is litered with fun facts and serving temps. I think they’re really well done and appreciate the little tidbits they put on the can.

When you’re drinking Kadigan you’ll notice the light crisp mouthfeel with not much of a head but an easy drinking, well balanced Blonde, just the way they were intended to be!

If you’re looking for an IPA type flavor profile… it’s just a Blonde, chill. Nothing fancy, just good clean crisp flavor shining through.

Everyone has that one friend who isn’t a craft beer guy and no one needs that negativity in their life, cut them off and never speak to them again.

Ok just kidding!

Kadigan would be a great beer for your friends who maybe want something better than a Bud Light but not a barrel aged stout! You could compare Kadigan to Boomtown Blonde by SpindleTap or even Blue Testament by Back Pew, even though that’s a Pilsner and not a Blonde.

Kadigan Blonde pairs well with the outdoors, BBQ, and good company according to New Republic Brewing Co and I can’t disagree with them. Tony liked it too! If you’re looking for a beer to drink floating the river or pregaming for a football game (Go Coogs!) Kadigan Blonde will fill that role nicely.


You can find new republic brewing co in basically every grocery store known to man. They’re on tap all around town and if you make your way College Station, the taproom is a must stop!

Beers to you, Houston!

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While the hardcore craft beer community may not embrace Blondes, I can appreciate them for what they are. Light, crisp, clean drinking beers! Have you had Kadigan or been by the taproom in College Station?

Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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