New Magnolia Hella Pils


New Magnolia Hella Pils

New Magnolia Brewing Co.

The Heights
West Coast Pilsner
ABV: 5.4%
IBUs: ?
Packaging: Draft, 4 pack 16 ounce cans


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was under the weather. I was hunting for soup ingredients at HEB when I grabbed some Southern Star Hoppy Elixir. No mater how crummy I feel, I have to check out the beer aisle, and when I saw New Magnolia Hella Pils on the shelves, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to drink a few at home. I knew it might be a few days, or even weeks, before I got to these, but I’m so glad I picked them up!

The New Magnolia Hella Pils rock the same super minimal label art as the rest of their cans, with a big black band at the top, and a low-detail illustration in the background. This one’s got a pinkish skateboarder in a beauty blue, green, and tan scene. The typography and skater take advantage of the metallic substrate to create a little bit of extra depth in the details.

New Magnolia Hella Pils pours a straw yellow with the slightest bit of haze and the rockiest, clumpiest chalk white head that you ever saw. The lacing is just as big and ornate.

When I stuck my big ol’ nose in my glass, I got citrus and berry notes. Both Citra and Azacca have these notes. There was also a clean grainy note like a traditional American Pilsner.

Every sip of New Magnolia Hella Pils is pure West Coast bliss. It’s everything a clean West Coast IPA wants to be when it grows up, but it’s still young and nuanced like a Pilsner. The sip starts off mildly sweet like a pils, and then the rush of fruity, citrus, berry, tropical notes all hit the pallet. The grainy, slightly bitter, lemony finish washes over. The subtle carbonation makes way to a smooth and light mouthfeel.

If they woulda called it an IPL, it’d have some comparisons. If they woulda called it a simple hoppy lager, the same is true, but New Magnolia Hella Pils being billed as a West Coast Pilsner is completely outta this world, so I can’t come up with any comparisons.



New Magnolia doesn’t have heavy distro, but there are a few little restaurants inside the loop that have cans. The Boot is one, and you can always find cans at the only Kroger in town that’s worth a stop, the one off of Shepherd and 11th, in the Heights. But, if I were you, I’d go to HEB instead and just ask the beer manager to carry New Magnolia. That’s just me, though. *Shrugs*

New Magnolia Hella Pils
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New Magnolia Hella Pils

Overall, New Magnolia Hella Pils is absolutely fire. These guys have been cranking out  s o l i d  beer since day one, and it’s no shocker to see them taking home hardware at GABF for some of their other beers. What’d you think of it overall?

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