Misfit Outpost in Cypress – The Backstory


Misfit Outpost in Cypress – The Backstory

Misfit and Fortress collab on a lot more than a beer release, and the winners are beer drinkers on the Northwest side.


When you think of a homebrewer, what do you think?

Someone spending all day in the garage? An expensive hobby? Lots of cleaning?

Well, you wouldn’t be wrong about all three of those. But what about a business opportunity?

Likely not the first thing that comes to mind, but many breweries were founded by people who began as homebrewers. (Makes sense, right?)

They brew some beer to share with friends, it gets a good reception, and suddenly a business model appears. We see it all the time, especially here in Houston with breweries such as Fass Brewing, Under the Radar Brewery, 4J Brewing Company, SpindleTap, and Southern Yankee just to name a few.


Misfit Outpost is The Beginning of a Transition

Between our 65+ commercial breweries, you can add at least another two dozen homebrewers that range from a single pot in their kitchen to a dedicated garage space (and more!)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Houston has the best homebrew scene in the country.

The dedication is immense and the creativity is endless.

One of the more familiar-to-us local homebrewers is Misfit Beerworks. We interviewed owner and proprietor, Juan Sanchez, in November 2019 and man, have things taken off since then.

Boasting 15 beers on Untappd, including collaborations with Holler Brewing (featuring labels by our very own, Anthony Gorrity), Patience Brewing, Secret Beach Brewing, and Stove Top Brewing and Thirsty Hermit Brewing, via Craft Beer Cellar Cypress, the man has been BUSY.

Juan told us, “What I learned is that we all have our different/unique brewing styles and it’s very important to gain as many different perspectives from peers that you respect.”

He’s also expanded his merch and glassware lines, built a website, and even bought a house!


The Expansion of Misfit Outpost Won’t be Cheap

No doubt it would be a BIG change going from your garage to a full-on production facility. Not only are the tanks bigger, but so are the expenses.

According to Lendingtree.com, you’re looking at a minimum of $250,000 just to get started.

Pocket change…right?

Plus, you’ve got to find a space, line up suppliers, get permits, hire a staff, order equipment, and about one billion other things. Now, I’m a project manager by day and even that list is EXHAUSTING.

But what if there was another option?

That’s what brings us to the big announcement.

The first brewery in Spring, Fortress Beerworks, has partnered with Misfit to open up Misfit Outpost.

Coming to the Cypress area this fall, the new brewery will be taking over the location of a well-known burger joint near Cypress Rosehill.

Cypress isn’t far from Juan or John, co-owner of Fortress. But it’s more than that.

“One of the immediate goals is to create a very diverse craft beer community in Cypress. I have an ambition to create a culture that is fully accepting and to not just have that written in this interview… But to actually live it and be able to sense it when you walk in the door at our grand opening,” explained Juan.

A portion of the tasty menu will remain but the rest of the location will be completely redone during the month of August for a targeted opening date of Labor Day Weekend.

I even hear there will be a big stage for live music…

Also on the menu will be a whole slew of beers.

The tap list will grow to eventually consist of 6-7 Fortress beers and 3-4 Misfit beers, with the latter being brewed exclusively at Misfit Outpost.

(Stay tuned on where their collab, Northwest Corridor, will be brewed…)

Misfit has been an out-of-the-box thinker since his very first brew.

“I highly respect the brewers that stick to a good traditional tap list but look for ways to innovate without sacrificing style.”

What styles should we expect from the Misfit side?

“Basically everything I’ve done on my homebrew resume. Meaning, the cleanest beer possible and slightly adjuncted without sacrificing style. My adjunct style and plans will focus on botanicals, herbs/spices and fruit,” said Juan.

As co-owner, Juan will be in charge of brewing operations and basically everything else at the new location, including social media.

Look for @misfitoutpost on IG soon!

The first year will feature a rotating tap wall, but once the votes are in, expect to see regular offerings starting year two.

Barrel program will begin immediately and wild ales will start shortly after.

No pressure of course.


Beer is Bigger than the Liquid, and Misfit Outpost is a Shining Example of Relationships that Started Over a Cold Pint

In our opinion, this is game-changing news not only for the homebrew scene, but the Houston beer community as a whole.

As the local brewery list continues to grow, the team at Fortress want to help the local talent pursue their passion and become a co-owner in a brewery that has their name on it. Via a partnership with an established commercial brewery, homebrewers now have the opportunity to make their dream a reality without the stress of financing it themselves.

Houston is a BIG city and there’s plenty of room for more breweries. Clearly the reception for breweries in H-Town has been nothing but stellar.

“We want to continue our theme of breweries as community gathering places,” said John.

We totally agree.

So, stay tuned as Misfit Outpost becomes a reality here very soon. We couldn’t be happier for both of them.

Beers to you, Houston. 🍻

Brent Topa

Brent is originally from Ohio but has been in Houston for over 10 years. As an Aggie, musician, animal advocate, and Lego collector, he always has something going on. If you have an imperial stout, come find him. He'll want to add it to his insatiable beer spreadsheet.

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