/ 19.08.2023

Black Page Brewing Co.

Houston, TX Opened May 2022, closed July 25, 2023 along with several others in 22-23. This was one of the most modern aesthetic breweries in town, full of live music and rad events. It was one that was in-planning and under construction for years, and the long wait for their opening lasted longer than their actual time open with only 10 months in operation. This was one that seemed to have it all and will be missed....

/ 27.07.2023

Twisted Acre Brewery

Cypress, TX Opened December 2018, closed March 31, 2023 along with several others in 22-23. Home brewers turned pro, known for being a super micro-brewery with mostly true-to-style beers and a few questionable beer names....

/ 27.04.2021

Wicked Boxer Brewing

Cypress, TX Opened February 2018, closed August 19 2022 along with several others in 22-23. Known for being a super community-focused brewery with a bunch of loyal regulars....