Lakewood Brewing Temptress Stout Now Available in Houston


The best selling stout in Texas hits Houston shelves alongside other Lakewood staples.


Situated in the East Dallas Lakewood neighborhood sits internationally-inspired Lakewood Brewing. The brewery was founded in 2011 by Wim Bens, whose story is also globally-influenced.

Born in Belgium, Wim moved to North Texas at age 7. Despite the move, he and his family still visited his family in Belgium frequently, and these visits caused him to fall in love with Belgian beer.

Right around the time he graduated from Southern Methodist University, imported European beers were becoming more prevalent. Seeking a taste from home, Wim scoured the DFW area for those Belgian-inspirited beers he loved so much.

Soon after, he relocated to East Dallas, an area known for art deco, diverse restaurants, and nature centers. It was at this time that he, like many brewery founders, discovered home brewing.

“I fell in love with brewing’s perfect blend of art and science. So I took the leap and applied to the American Brewer’s Guild, where I was accepted and soon graduated,” said Wim.


In 2011, he said goodbye to his 8-to-5 and went into full-time brewery planning. The concept for Lakewood Brewing officially began, and on August 4, 2012, they sold their first keg.

Using his international experience and passion, Wim and his team at Lakewood offer “local craft beers that combine the best of classic brewing techniques with fresh, new ideas.” Today, they have 120 beers listed on Untappd and began distribution into Houston a little over a year ago via a partnership with Hops and Vines Distributing.

Favorites, such as All Call Kölsch and Lakewood Lager, have been in our city for months now. But their most popular beer (and the top-selling craft stout in the entire STATE) just arrived.

Coming in at a gentleman’s 9.1% ABV, The Temptress is an imperial milk stout brewed with chocolate and caramel malt. Originally a seasonal release, The Temptress is now a year-round offering from Lakewood. It’s sold in 12 oz. 4-packs and has been so popular that the brewery has brewed an assortment of variants. Many of these variants are featured in their Seduction Series:


Lakewood Brewing Temptress Seduction Series:

  • Peanut Butter Temptress
  • French Quarter Temptress
  • Salted Caramel Temptress
  • Double Chocolate Temptress

Additional Lakewood Brewing Temptress variants:

  • Bourbon Barrel Temptress
  • Sin Mint Temptress
  • Raspberry Temptress
  • Molé Temptress
  • Coconut Temptress
  • Cherry Vanilla Temptress
  • French Toast Temptress

And many, many others…

Featuring a deep, dark brown color, aromas of roasted malt, chocolate, and caramel erupt out of the glass. It has a full, fizzy head that’s light tan in color, without lacing, and slowly dissipating.

Designed to have a lower carb level for a smoother mouthfeel, this big boy milk stout’s medium body is silky and milky. But don’t sleep on it. There’s still plenty of bite to make sure you’re paying attention.

The first sip of The Temptress mirrors the aroma with bold chocolate and creamy caramel that lingers on the tongue like a sweet, seductive kiss. Sweetness levels are in check and blend well with light alcohol notes. The chocolate takes a bit of a back seat (with foggy windows), and the caramel steps to center stage as it warms.

Much like the flavor profile of this gorgeous beer, the finish is clean and slightly sweet. This one finishes ALL. THE WAY. THROUGH.

Ranging from the picky to the open-minded, Lakewood makes a beer in so many styles that you’re guaranteed to find one to satiate your palate. But, since it’s in bottles, be careful on your way home not to expose them to the sunlight. Here are 4 lies you may have been told about skunked beer.

We are PUMPED to have had Lakewood’s delicious lineup in our city. Adding The Temptress to store shelves makes grabbing a pack of Lakewood beer that much more, well, tempting.

Beers to you, Houston.

Brent Topa
[email protected]

Brent is originally from Ohio but has been in Houston for over 10 years. As an Aggie, musician, animal advocate, and Lego collector, he always has something going on. If you have an imperial stout, come find him. He'll want to add it to his insatiable beer spreadsheet.

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