Karbachtoberfest, Karbach Brewing


Incase You Missed the Memo:

Karbach was bought by Anheuser Bush (AB Inbev).

Here’s more info on the buyout.



Houston, TX


ABV: 5.5%

IBUs: 25

Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans



Karbachtoberfest is a good beer. It starts off a bit tangy, then it becomes sweet and malty, and it finishes with a subtle hop crispness and an aroma of maltiness and alcohol is left on the tongue. Not quite as malty as other Oktoberfest brews I’ve had before and a bit lighter in flavor overall.

This reminds me of a stronger version of Shiner’s Oktoberfest. They share some of the same malty sweetness. Albeit a bit mild, Shiner’s is milder. I’d recommend this to someone wanting to try something with a little more flavor than the macro brewed stuff, but not yet ready for an Imperial Stout.

I gave Karbachtoberfest a 3 star cause I really like it. It’s borderline 4, but I love so many beers from Karbach, that I had to compare them to one another and bump this one down a bit! Hah!

Karbachtoberfest has a deep-golden color, almost bronze.

I expected a good beer, and I got a good beer. I’m definitely pleased. I’d drink Karbachtoberfest again, for sure.

beer-chronicle-houston-craft-beer-review-featured-karbach-karbochtoberfest-blue-white-cans-with-yellow-plastic-topper-packagingPhoto courtesy of Silver Eagle. We drink them before we can take many pictures, but we’ll get better one day.

These cans feature the Bavarian flag and yellow and blue type, with a bit of white, as well as the familiar Karbach half and half color scheme.

I helped my buddy move last week, and he got this for me as a gift. Not sure where he got it, but smart money says HEB.

I’m gonna try and review as many Oktoberfest Houston craft brews as possible. It’s not my favorite beer style, so I may not do them back to back to back, but if you’ve got one you wanna recommend, lemme know below!

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