Houston Beer Enthusiasts Aim to Save Texas Breweries with Houston Beer Run


Labor Day weekend and the following week will see a surge of craft beer enthusiasts running routes to buy up as much beer as their fridges can hold (or spouses will allow) as the Houston Beer Run gets kicked off.

Between opening, closing, re-opening, and repeating half a dozen times, our breweries are feeling the pain. It’s hard to keep good staff around when they’re furloughed or laid off every other week. Grand re-re-re-re-re-re-re-openings are really a thing, and it’s ridiculous.

We got together with Texas Beer Collective to do whatever we could to help them coordinate a series of massive beer runs. Texas Beer Collective is helping gather up as many beer advocates as possible to lead routes. Graphic design is easy. Buying more beer is hard (because we have to keep finding new excuses why we need more). Keeping a business alive when you’re not allowed to conduct business? That’s nearly impossible.

That’s why we wanted to help!

Texas has already seen a half a dozen breweries close, and many more say they won’t make it another 3 months under the current circumstances. Get out there and help them out, and add some new beers to your list and your fridge.

Get your downloadable .PDF of Houston breweries to create your own route, and help us SAVE TEXAS BREWERIES!


Beer Chronicle Team
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