Houston Craft. Fresh. Fast. Houston Beer Delivery Service Drops on Dec 1st


Houston Beer Delivery Service Drops on Dec 1st


Have you ever been at home and didn’t want to/couldn’t go to a brewery to get the latest beer? Luckily Mike had that same dilemma and it lead to the idea of HopDrop, Houston’s first ever craft beer delivery service.


HopDrop is a Houston craft beer delivery service that promises to get you your beer within an hour. They’re basically the Jimmy Johns of craft beer and this is basically how I expect it to play out. All kidding aside, how great is it that we will finally have a home delivery system?!


Houston Beer Delivery Service: The Deets

When they launch Friday December 1st they’ll be doing On Demand only (Option 1) and then the 2nd or 3rd week in December they’ll launch their app. Full launch is in January with the rest of the options below.


Option 1, On Demand Delivery: Select the beer(s) you want and you’ll pay the price of the crowler plus a delivery fee of $5.99 and you’ll have the beer within an hour. Houston craft. Fresh. Fast.

Option  2, Scheduled: Select the beer(s) you want and schedule a delivery Monday-Wednesday and you’ll only have a delivery fee of $2.99 plus the cost of crowler.

Option 3, Monthly Subscription: You’ll pay $29.99 for 3 crowlers delivered to you with no delivery cost. They’ll pick the beers based on your profile, by choosing your favorite aspects of beer. These are also scheduled Monday-Wednesday.

That’s 3 pretty easy ways to get fresh craft beer fast. When they launch on Friday December 1st the Houston beer delivery service will start off with only offering to zip codes: 77007, 77008, 77009, and 77018.

Fear not if you don’t live in the heights. They’ll expand (very quickly, based on demand). They chose to launch in this area because it made sense for their logistics. This way they’ll be able to work out any kinks that normally occur with a start up. Here is what you need to know.

1. Must be 21 or older
2. Must have a physical address they can deliver to
3. Must be present to sign

That’s it.

No strings, no hidden fees, no sketchy fine print locking you into a lifetime subscription (I’m still paying for my gym membership)! Also, if you live outside of the radius but work within the delivery area (and have a cool boss), you can have it delivered there as long as you can sign for it.

The price per crowler will be based on how much the beer costs. They hope to charge between $9-$10 per crowler, right on par with other growler shops in town.


What Breweries will I be able to get?

Let’s break down what breweries are already working with HopDrop:


More will be added as they expand, but that’s already a respectable amount of territory to cover and a formidable list of offerings. In the 24 hours it took for us to meet with Mike, write this post, and publish it, they’ve added a few breweries. By the time you read this, they’ll probably have more, but they’re probably going to launch with 35 different beers in 16 different styles. Wine, cider, and much more beer is on the horizon.

If you sign up between now and Sunday 12/3/2017, you get 100 points on your account. That’s the equivalent of roughly $5. Even if you’re not in the zip codes of their initial launch, you will be soon as they expand in Houston come January.

The startup Houston beer delivery service also has long term plans of expanding to Austin and Dallas to make those beers available here and vice versa. Yeah buddy, PHP Electric Jellyfish delivered to your door! Of course they’re going to focus on Houston for now.

You can break down beer similar to how you can when car shopping online.

You can search your beer by style, ABV, Brewery, IBUs, etc. It’s incredible. Based on the beers you select and the parameters you use to select them, HopDrop will be able to generate the perfect type of beer for you to try using the monthly subscription. They’ll even offer the rare/hard to find beers in the monthly subscription.

In addition, they want to make sure they aren’t serving beer that can easily be found in the grocery store.


Houston Beer Delivery Service: The Logistics

Us craft beer folks are a curious group, so you’re probably wondering how it all works out. Luckily, they’re an open book, and Mike was happy to lay it all out for us.

They’ll go around town and bring their crowler machine into the brewpub. Fill up x amount of crowlers and soon they’ll be on their way to your door.

You’ll place the order, and their driver will receive it. Then they’ll put it together and it’s on the road – you can even track your oder in real time with the app. You’ll get a notification when the driver is near, and once they verify your name, age and purchase, you get your beer!

Think of all the horrible parking lots and all the traffic HopDrop is saving you from. It’s important to note that this Houston beer delivery service will offer big incentives to keep you going to the breweries as well, but you’ll have to make your first purchase to see what those are.


Can they really get me my beer within a hour?

You may be wondering “how they can they guarantee 1 hour delivery?” Houston’s huge, and traffic sucks.

HopDrop estimates that they’ll be able to deliver 60-70 on demand orders all within the 1 hour time frame, and they’ve confirmed those estimates through live experiments on the road.

You can help by scheduling your drop off and it’ll also save you a few bucks.

HopDrop also assured us that volume wont be an issue. They can expand both delivery areas and drivers nearly at the drop of a hat. This is the brainchild of a beer guy, a logistics guy, and a business guy so it isn’t far fetched to figure out how they’ve been able to work out these issues that would have stopped the average beer guy, or the average logistics guy or the average business guy on his own.


I’m so excited that we finally have this type of service! We all joked about it when Amazon bought Whole Foods and now it’s a real thing? This is even better than Prime!

How to Sign Up for HopDrop

1. Visit gohopdrop.com

2. Create an account by visiting the My Account link in the main navigation

3. Enter your address

4. Enter your payment info (payments are made via Stripe, so no card info is actually stored)

5. Visit the shop page, choose a beer, and place your order

If you’re smart, you’ll go do steps 1-4 before they launch, so you can just place an order once it’s live.

C’mon, H-Town! Lets show these guys some love and support these Houstonians! On demand starts Friday December 1st! Will you be ordering crowlers or even doing the monthly subscription, let us know! We’re probably gonna do double monthly. Can we do that?

Beers to you, Houston! 🍻


Chris loves Beer, Whiskey, Cigars, Music, Sports and Houston! He's worked in the oil industry since 2011. He's an Army veteran and most importantly a husband and father. His favorite beers are hop-forward and unique.

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