Honey Hole ESB, Spindletap Brewery



Honey Hole ESB

Spindletap Brewery

Houston, TX

ESB (English Style Pale Ale)

ABV: 7%

IBUs: 20


Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans




Honey Hole ESB is an English Style Pale Ale and my first run at an ESB. I was pleasantly surprised! The taste reminded me of an American Pale Ale, without being hopped up like an American Pale Ale. The fruity notes are obvious in both the smell and taste.

Initially I thought Honey Hole ESB was going to be a 3-star beer. I kept drinking it and kept liking it more and more. This beer is so damn good!

Honey Hole ESB has a dark golden brown, almost an amber color. light foam top, with lacing in the glass.

I bought this beer solely for the purpose of trying a different Houston area brewery. I always look for that first, style of beer second! Like I said this was my first ESB so I really had no expectations.


The artwork on the Honey Hole ESB is consistent with the rest of the line up that Spindletap Brewing offers. Honey Hole is an old oil field term, referencing when drilling for oil and you find the dream hole the produces oil for years. The can is mainly orange and yellow with an oil derrick. Very simple, but very effective.

I found mine at Whole Foods, but have seen it at HEB and Kroger as well.

This beer is great! They hit the mark, the honey hole if you will! This is a year round drinkable beer! I look forward to trying the other beers they have to offer! Let us know what you think! Did you dig the Honey Hole ESB as much as I did?


Chris loves Beer, Whiskey, Cigars, Music, Sports and Houston! He's worked in the oil industry since 2011. He's an Army veteran and most importantly a husband and father. His favorite beers are hop-forward and unique.

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