Holler Dollar Pils Y’all



Holler Dollar Pils Y’all

Holler Brewing Co.

Part of town the brewery’s in – EADO, Downtown, Heights, Check a previous review from this brewery if you’re unsure.

Pilsner (German)

ABV: 5.4%

IBUs: 30


Packaging: Draft only at the brewery, Crowlers at Craft Beer Cellar Houston



(Photo Credit: Tim at Shade TX Craft)

Hmmmmmmm. Hooooooo-ooooooaaaaaahhhh. Craft rules everything around me, CREAM. Get the beer, dollar dollar pils, y’all….

You won’t see me writing about pilsners very often because I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love how they’re light, crisp, refreshing, and sessionable, but I hate that they’re usually not very creative because the style doesn’t lend itself to much creativity.

There’s a strange parallel between Wu Tang and Dollar Pils Y’all, or Pilsners in general. Wu Tang had as many as 10 ppl, so they couldn’t all fit on every song. There are only 4 noble hops that you can put in a pils, but you probably wouldn’t want to put them all in a single beer. The beats, slang and vibe of a Wu Tang track never leaves you guessing about the origin – it’s unmistakably an auditory melting pot of NY. Meanwhile, Pilsners always have the same unmistakable malt that is their namesake.

I’m willing to bet good money that my rabbit-hole of beer/rap parallelism wasn’t considered for even a second, and Holler named the beer Dollar Pils Y’all because it sounded cool and made a great addition to the ever-growing list of Wu-Tang inspired beer names. Hah!

Such is life. On to this Dollar Pils Y’all! Holler doesn’t have much art for their beers just yet, but keep your eyes open for their black tap handles with white text that says HOLLER, with the O being their blue and purple megaphone logo. Enjoy this circa ~4th grade handwriting from our server in place of fancy graphics.

Holler Dollar Pils Y’all is the picturesque Pilsner. Bright, clear, pale golden yellow with a chalk white head. It looks like the pictures of beer when you dig through stock photos of beer – perfect. The head melts down to a little ring and laces down finely.

This Pilsner smells like straight pils malt, duh. There’s a graham crackery sweetness that combines with a mild hop aroma that’s somewhere between floral and spicy.

Dollar Pils Y’all tastes light, crisp, and lightly bitter on the finish. It’s somewhere between light and medium bodied, and the lively carbonation is a perfect accompaniment to the light, refreshing nature of this beer. The dry finish leaves me coming back for more.

This would be a good beer for your buddy that likes Miller Light, but for a more flavorful Pilsner comparison, it stacks up well to Saint Arnold 5′ O Clock Pils or Back Pew Blue Testament. 5′ O Clock pils is a bit more hop-forward, and Blue Testament’s a bit sweeter, but they’re all Houston area pilsners.


Unfortunately, Holler doesn’t do beer to go, so you gotta snag this on draft, growler, or crowler at your favorite spot. Craft Beer Cellar Houston is where I got this one. Holler also traded Dollar Pils Y’all for relief cash during Harvey. Love it.

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Holler Dollar Pils Y'all

Simply put, this is a great pils. They nailed the style, and the smooth dry finish keeps me coming back for another refreshing sip. Breweries gotta do what they gotta do to get through, know what I’m sayin’? Pils pay the bills. What’d you think about it?

Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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