Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts is Definitely Worth the Travel, and it’s Bigger than the Beer


Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts is Definitely Worth the Travel, and it’s Bigger than the Beer

Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts
1030 Woodward Avenue, Charlotte, NC.
Head Brewer: Tripp Moser



What You Need to Know Before You Visit Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts

Price: $12-19 for cans and average draft prices. I got a flight and was plenty satisfied.

Food: Fairly priced “bar food” that’s handcrafted and elevated. The pizza was absolutely fantastic, and the spinach dip was terrific as well. The wood-fired flavor in both was a subtle elevation to the already fresh dishes.

Family Friendliness: 10 out of 10 would recommend – the gigantic lawn area looked was full of families frolicking. While there wasn’t any live music playing at the time, the area is setup with a small stage and a ton of green space in front of it. Plentyyy of room for the kids to run around without disturbing others.


Doggos: Same as above

Parking: Plentiful and free



What is Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts Known for?

Their Hazy IPA, Citraquench’l, has garnered a lot of attention, as have their hazy IPAs overall. However, they’re not a one trick pony. Stouts, sours, and everything in between, Heist is known for making inventive and highly sought after beer.

After starting out focused on Belgian and German styles, Heist figured out their formula. Get good at the fundamentals, and then get a little funky. Since then, they’ve continued building on those traditional foundations while iterating in small batches, and the results speak for themselves.



What’s the Atmosphere like at Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts?

The atmosphere was super inviting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve traveled to another city, filled with excitement to try this brewery or that… only to be disappointed by a pretentious server.

My wife hates beer. If you’ve been reading for a while or following along on IG, you may have read or seen my failed attempts at, “hey babe, I think you’ll really like this one…” Our server was eager to find something Danielle would enjoy, but she wasn’t so naive to think it was just gonna be a beer. She asked a few questions about what Danielle liked, snapped her fingers, and was like, “I have an idea!”

My favorite things about Heist were their creative Pilsners. Fra-gee-lay was my fav, but I’ve got a soft spot for Italian Pilsners. I just appreciated how they were able to be creative and unique while still coloring inside the lines. The food was also a huge star.



She offered a beermosa with some fruited beer and sangria something or other. It sounded wild, but Danielle didn’t hate it. What a win. That’s the kind of thing that every server could learn from.

That set the tone for the rest of the atmosphere. It was just a great vibe from wall to wall and from edge to edge of the outdoor space.



Is Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts Worth the Travel?

The days of traveling just for cans to trade are long gone for most, thanks to delivery services like Tavour and TapRm. However, that doesn’t stop us from stocking up whenever we happen to be in an awesome city like Charlotte. When I travel, I’m often with my wife and kids, and that means I can’t just go from brewery to brewery all day. That wouldn’t be any fun for them. So I have to choose wisely!

Food’s usually a must, cans to-go are nice, flights sure make it appealing, and last but not least, my family can’t be assaulted with death metal or shitty service.

The beer’s really good, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is great. It’s the kind of place that I’d encourage anyone to try. It’s also the kind of place I’d like to visit again one day if I’m ever back in the Queen City.

Beers to you, Houston.


Anthony Gorrity
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