Great Heights Brewing Fruity Pellets



Great Heights Brewing Fruity Pellets

Great Heights Brewing Company

The Heights/Oak Forest


ABV: 6.2%

IBUs: 30

Packaging: Draft, Growler

“Damn that’s solid.” “It’s pretty damn good.” “Cloudy AF.” These are some of the many comments thrown around social media, since batch two of Great Heights Brewing NEIPA Fruity Pellets was tapped on Thursday.  The Houston beer scene keeps growing in a wonderful way. This brand spanking new brewery that is within walking distance to Petrol Station is an awesome addition.

My wife and I went to check out this new spot, enjoy steak night, and watch the Astros game last night.  We both came away very impressed by Fruity Pellets.  In fact, I went back today and purchased two growler fills for the weekend.  Great Heights Brewing also makes a saison, west coast IPA, and a hoppy amber.  All of their beers are solid but let’s be real, the H-town juice rush is crazy right now and that’s why you’re here.  Listen up and get your growlers ready!

Great Heights Brewing Fruity Pellets pours a thick and cloudy golden haze.  The head fills to the exact level of a well done hazy IPA.  The lacing spreads out and disappears slowly just like it’s supposed too.  The aroma from the Citra, Mosiac, and Amarillo is unmistakable.  The name is obviously a take on the children’s (and some adults) cereal Fruity Pebbles.  It’s not a joke!  The aroma actually took me back to Saturday mornings as a kid.  Don’t believe me?  Make a trip to the store and the Great Heights Brewing taproom and see for yourself.

NEIPA’s can look and smell awesome but sometimes the flavor and body just aren’t good.  Fruity Pellets does not fall into that category.  It drinks exactly like the style should.  The mouthful is soft and creamy.  The flavor profile is nice and fruity on the front and finishes cleanly.  The bitter is non existent, and the hop burn is minimal.  At 6.2%, Great Heights Brewing Fruity Pellets is extremely crushable and makes you want more and more.

The most obvious local comparison style and ABV wise is Spindletap’s Houston Haze.  These are both great beers and I would drink a boatload of both.  My advice is to…………..drink both!  They each have their own unique characteristics and are worthy of your taste buds.

Great Heights Brewing self distributes so the best place to drink Fruity Pellets and their other beers is the taproom. It is spacious, and comfortable with plenty of TV’s.  I see myself returning many more times. They sell and fill growlers to go.  Don’t miss out on this batch of Fruity Pellets!  I asked if it was a year round beer and the answer is in our hands Houston.  If people buy it and drink it they will keep brewing it.  Hazers unite and do your part! The brewery has literally been open a shade under two weeks, so give them time and kegs will pop up around town.

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Great Heights Brewing Fruity Pellets was extremely impressive and definitely worth your money and taste buds. The cloudy golden hazy color, fruity aroma and taste perfectly exemplifies a NEIPA. I am giving Fruity Pellets a solid 4.5 star rating. Co-founders Patrick and Sean were great hosts and I highly recommend a trip to their establishment. Go get some Fruity Pellets before this batch is gone! What are your thoughts about this new local haze offering?

Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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  • William C.
    Posted at 07:34h, 25 September

    I agree 100% with your review regarding Fruity Pellets by Great Heights. On another note, I was there last Thursday, 9/21, for GHB’s Steak Night and I thought I had spotted you at the bar with a notepad. However, reluctantly, I didn’t approach but I was like that looks like Sam from Beer Chron. Next time I’ll introduce myself as I’ve become quite the fanatic of Beer Chron.

  • Sam
    Posted at 11:47h, 25 September

    Thanks William! Glad you enjoy our page. Next time feel free to come say hi. I can talk beer for days.

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