Great Heights Bam Bam NEIPA



Great Heights Bam Bam NEIPA

Great Heights Brewing Company

Garden Oaks


ABV: 7.3%

IBUs: ?


Packaging: Draft, Crowler, Growler


It was Father’s Day. My wife told me we could do whatever I wanted. I knew we were up ahead a super busy month with a ton of traveling, so I figured a quiet afternoon would be best. A couple beers with my Grandad and a few slices of Pink’s Pizza. What’s better than that?

Going home and grilling some ribs with another beer. That’s what.

There’s not much in the way of packaging, but the tap handle is a bright, true-blue rectangular prism with their hop/bird icon setting at the top. A big white rectangle houses the text on the front and back of the handle. The crowlers feature the same colors and same white rectangle to house the hand-written deets of the beer.

Great Heights Bam Bam NEIPA pours just like it should. A bright golden-yellow with a bit of airy white head. It glows with haziness like canned pineapple juice, and the head has a little bit of staying power.

The nose is heavenly. There’s a citrus-rind, tropical fruitiness that makes you wish you had a Great Heights Bam Bam NEIPA candle.

But the taste… Bam! Pineapple! Bam! Grapefruit! If you’re not reading this in Emeril’s voice, why are you still here? The sip starts off tropical with the pineapple then a sweetness develops as the slightly grapefruity, bitter finish closes it all out with a subtle sweetness and tingle of hop burn. Maybe it’s the day old Crowler, but the carbonation is a little low. Not flat, but it’s missing a lil sum sum.

While the aroma and flavor were overwhelmingly delicious, the mouthfeel was a little off. It was missing the creaminess that woulda set Bam Bam NEIPA over the top.

You may have read on the 8th Wonder Boss Beer review that I’ve been outta the game for a while, so coming up with a good comparison is a little tough as of late. If I had to pick one beer that this reminds me of, it’d have to be Houston Haze.


You might be lucky enough to findGreat Heights Bam Bam NEIPA at Brew:30 in Cypress or the Craft Beer Cellar and Conservatory down town, but it’ll go quick.

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Great Heights Bam Bam NEIPA

Overall, Great Heights Bam Bam NEIPA is a champ. If it weren’t a little under on the mouthfeel, I’d call this a 5 Star stunna. I loved it, and I’ll be back for more soon. How about you? What’d you think of it?

Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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