Garden State Hefeweizen, Southern Star Brewing by Chris



Garden State Hefeweizen

Southern Star Brewing

Conroe, TX


ABV: 5.25%

IBUs: None


Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans




Garden State Hefeweizen by Southern Star Brewing is the perfect Heff for my taste. I’m of the opinion that Southern Star is hit or miss sometimes. I really like Conspiracy Theory, but even though Tam loved it, I don’t care for the Bombshell Blonde. I hesitated picking up Garden State for that very reason. Man, did I have some egg on my face for that! Garden State Hefeweizen is a great example of the style!

Garden State Hefeweizen has fruity/banana notes that really linger long after the beer is gone! The fruit notes pair with a very light mouth feel and crisp carbonation. Garden State had a nice cream-white colored head and slight lace with an orange/bronze-ish body. This would be an easy drinking beer all year long even though it’s billed as a summer beer. You could easily drink this beer floating down the river in New Braunfels or on a cool fall night in front of a nice camp fire.

I would compare Garden State Hefeweizen to Live Oak Brewing’s, Live Oak Hefeweizen, and that is a great compliment! It might not be quite that good, but it’s in the conversation for sure!

I gave Southern Star’s Garden State a 4 star rating for how smooth and crisp it was. It is picture perfect and easily one of my favorite beers brewed by Southern Star so far.


The artwork on this can was designed by local artist, Nicole Gavin. It’s the second art can series release. Garden State Hefeweizen features vibrant colors with a woman’s face, birds and flowers. It really reminds me of a Love Street can. It’s a very busy can, and it may take you a minute to see where it reads “Garden State” on the can itself, however you should be able to spot this can from anywhere in the beer aisle!

Distribution for this can is available all over the city of Houston in grocery stores and bars alike. I found mine at Whole Foods!

Garden State Hefeweizen is easily one of the top 5 Hefeweizens to come out of the city of Houston. If you haven’t already, go give it a try, and I promise you will like it – 100% money back guarantee! Not really but it sounds good, right? Anyways, if you’ve tried it let us know what you think about it in a comment below!



Chris loves Beer, Whiskey, Cigars, Music, Sports and Houston! He's worked in the oil industry since 2011. He's an Army veteran and most importantly a husband and father. His favorite beers are hop-forward and unique.

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