Galveston Bay Blue Berry Blonde



Galveston Bay Blueberry Blonde

Galveston Bay Beer Company

Blueberry Blonde Ale
ABV: 5.2%
IBUs: 19
Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans

Keeping in trend with the fruited beers (like Saint Arnold Orange Show, BVB Millions of Peaches, and Back Pew Garnet Pietist) for this satanically hot summer, Galveston Bay Blue Berry Blonde is up next for review. I’ve taken my sweet sweet time getting around to this one because their Watermelon Wheat tasted artificial to me. But this one explicitly says fresh blueberries, so I’m giving it a shot.

The Galveston Bay Blue Berry Blonde can is three tones of blue with some white, and there’s a mermaid coming up out of the waves. She’s wrapped in a banner that houses the name of the beer, Blueberry Blonde. Their black, lathed-looking taphandles remind me of the leg of an old stool. The white block at the top houses the name of the beer.

It poured a slightly opaque golden-yellow color, typical of a blonde. There’s two fingers of the airiest, chalk-white head, and it melted before I could even snap a picture. There’s no lacing at all on this one.

The second I cracked open the can, Galveston Bay Blue Berry Blonde spewed sweet blueberry aroma. It was almost like the blueberry syrup at IHOP, but minus the syrupy maple. I was impressed at how bold the nose was.

This. Tastes. Delicious. I love blueberry muffins, pancakes, and so on, but I genuinely don’t care for blueberries on their own. Somehow the light, corny, sweetness plays host to all the blueberries, and it tastes a bit like a blueberry muffin rather than straight fruit. I can dig that. It starts off a little tangy, and finishes light and crisp like a blonde should. The sweetness and blueberry linger on the palette, but there’s next to zero bitterness.

I can’t think of many big-beer comparisons for Galveston Bay Blue Berry Blonde, but Fetching Lab’s Blue Mischief comes to mind. This one’s a bit sweeter, but if you like that, you’ll like this.

Galveston Bay Blue Berry Blonde is pretty well distributed thanks to the kind folks over at Bluebonnet Distributing. You can find it in cans in almost any decent Specs, Total Wine or HEB, and it’s on draft at Pinkerton’s BBQ and Japaniero’s Sushi Bistro. I saw somewhere (Untappd maybe?) that it’s on draft as far out as Austin!

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Galveston Bay Blue Berry Blonde

In conclusion, I enjoyed Galveston Bay Blue Berry Blonde a lot. The blueberry and sweet corny-malt notes work really well together. I could see sharing a couple of these with friends at the beach for sure.

Let us know what you thought of this blue blonde by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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