Fire Ant Brewing Opening in August (Fingers Crossed)



Fire Ant Brewing Opening in August (Fingers Crossed)

Permits and construction continue to push back the opening dates, but Tomball’s thirsty patrons are patiently waiting.



(Left to right, Carl, rando, Bruce, rando as the four discuss Fire Ant Brewing opening in August)

Every owner and head-brewer that we’ve interviewed for a brewery guide has sang the exact same song. We ask “What advice do you have for an avid homebrewer looking to open up their own brewery?”

Twice the money they expected and twice the time.

Same answer. Verbatim. Every time.

Back when we interviewed Kurt, Bruce and Carl at Fire Ant, they were still working on permits, so they hadn’t lived through the pain and delays of a build out experience yet. They’ll probably be singing in harmony with the rest of the guys once it’s all said and done.

The biggest hold up for Tomball’s newest brewpub has been the restaurant buildout and figuring out the food side. While they work on the German inspired menu, they keep cranking out beer. Head Brewer Kurt is fond of German-style beers, and the menu will be reflective of that.


(Tomballians (?) Tomballites (?) People of Tomball will be gaining weight once Fire Ant’s state of the art kitchen is cookin’)

“We want to incorporate a lot of our beer into the food,” said Bruce, Fire Ant’s marketing arm.

Their walk in currently houses 75 kegs, and there’s more beer on the brew schedule. That ought to be plenty to incorporate into the food before Fire Ant Brewing opening in August.

The buildout has been painfully long for the guys at Fire Ant, but Tomball (and Houston’s) hungriest and thirstiest of patrons have been patient throughout the repeated delays.

Beer-Chronicle-Houston-fire-ant-brewing-opening-in-august-Kegs(Before Fire Ant Brewing Opening in August, they’re stacking up kegs)

When we met with them the first time in October of 2016, the anticipated date was Spring 2017. Then it was Fall 2017. They hoped maybe it’d be open in time for July 4th, and now they’re a bit more confident in the August date.

In his interview with the Chronicle, Bruce said, “Probably wouldn’t project so many openings. You think you’re going to be open at certain points and then there’s construction hold ups, so obviously you can’t get open. On the other hand, it’s really developed an awesome following. People have been patient, but now they’re just ready.”


(Window into brewhouse at Fire Ant Brewing)

Everything’s coming along nicely. From the outdoor seating and bar area to the indoor booths and kitchen. But let’s be honest, we’re interested in the beer. They won’t be offering tours, but the giant window into the brewhouse allows for somewhat of a tour at a distance while Kurt continues to crank out more and more kegs.

Fire Ant handyman Carl has been instrumental in the buildout, as he has been since Fire Ant first got their name. They have Carl to thank for much of their creativity.

Going from projecting a season to a month is a step in the right direction, so here’s hoping Fire Ant Brewing opening in August comes to fruition.

beers to you, Houston!


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